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Firefox 128 release information


The following information is intended for members of the Mozilla Support community for the purpose of supporting users in the Mozilla Support platform. Mozilla Support is a community of enthusiastic volunteers and employees trying to support Mozilla's users around the globe. You can join us by contributing through the following ways:

Content in this page is being updated periodically as we're rolling out the release.

What's new in Firefox 128

Firefox Desktop

Translate selected text
Description: You can now select a portion of text to be translated with Firefox translation feature instead of translating the whole page.
Content request:
KB article: KB will be updated
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Windows only
Description: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) helps by controlling how data is handled, shared, and accessed. Firefox for Enterprise supports DLP by integrating with third-party software to monitor and manage data activities.
Content request:
KB article: New article
Update to the clear history dialog
Description: It is now possible to close all duplicate tabs in a window with the Close duplicate tabs command available from the List all tabs widget in the tab bar or a tab context menu.
Content request:
KB articles: KB updated

Firefox for Android

No content updates for v128

Firefox for iOS

iPad multiwindow enhancement
Description: Firefox iOS on iPad will allow user to open multiple browser windows (it is possible to combine Private and Normal mode)
Content request: -
KB articles:
Blocking links to open in external apps
Description: Settings iOS: give users option to open links in other apps v in browser; New toggle meaning: Off by default (means links will open in external apps as determined by Apple), On means we will block external apps from opening and open the links in the browser instead.
Content request: -
KB articles:
Bookmark UX Changes
Description: Update the Recently Saved section to Bookmark section
Content request: -
KB articles:

Known studies/experiments

Platform Studies/experiments Description Feedback collection
Firefox desktop - -

Release notes

Contributor discussions

Please refer to the following contributor forum threads to learn more about known issues and discuss with other contributors:

You can also join our Matrix channel to ask questions/join community discussion.

Stay updated

Apart from sharing release information, there are other ways to stay updated with product release and community updates:

  • Community call: We run a monthly community call (usually a week before Firefox release date). Check our schedule here and don't hesitate to join the call in person if you can!
  • Firefox pod meeting: If you’re an NDA’d contributor, you can watch the recording of our Firefox Pod Meeting from AirMozilla to catch up with the latest train release. You can also subscribe to the AirMozilla folder by clicking on the Subscribe button in the top-right corner of the page to get notifications each time we add a new recording.
  • Newsletter: Consider subscribing to Firefox Daily Digest to get daily updates (Mon-Fri) about Firefox from across the internet.



Heads up

Dot releases

Platform Version Release date Notable fixes Unresolved
Firefox for Android 128.0.1 July 15, 2024 bug1901796, bug1905971 -
Firefox Desktop 128.0.2 July 23, 2024 Bug1908539, bug1906132, bug1905021, bug1897444, bug1908115, bug1905468 -
Firefox for Android 128.0.2 July 23, 2024 bug1877948, bug1905636, bug1907286 -

Trending/known issue(s)

Platform Issue Known bug Fix/workaround
Desktop PPA concern - CTO blogpost:
Desktop Misconception about where the trending data come from Related convo on social media Trending data is coming from the search engine, not us
Desktop unable to delete search history from search bar using the DEL key Bugzilla A fix will come on version 129
Desktop Press enter into an empty search box no longer loads the default search engine website Bugzilla - Connect This is intentional. May not be reverted. Please tag sumo questions with "bug1894910"
Desktop Feedback about the unified history Bugzilla - Connect No recommended workaround identified
Desktop Disconnect add-on break X/Twitter on Firefox - Disable Disconnect add-on or recommend Troubleshooting Mode

Known incident(s)

Tab lost after update
Status: Currently under investigation.
Product(s) impacted: Firefox for iOS
Associated bug:
Resolution/workaround: Will be fixed on an iOS dot release 128.3. In the meantime, please flag up instances seen in the Fx128 Mobile thread in the Community Discussions.


  • Release report (TBD)