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Support plan for Firefox 3.6


  • Track changes for 3.6 - 2009-10-30 - Done
  • Identify which articles will need to be changed - 2009-11-06 - Done
  • Document entire plan - 2009-11-08 - Done
  • Identify which changes can be done via script - 2009-11-08 - Done
  • Tell all locale leaders about plan for updating - 2009-11-09 - Done
  • List any new articles that need to be created - 2009-11-13 - Done
  • Get new articles created - 2009-11-20 - Done
  • Track en-US update progress - 2009-11-27 - Done
  • Engage with locale leaders on what changes need to updated - 2009-11-27 - Done
  • Track l10n progress - 2009-12-04

Backend and Admin

  • Because 3.6 is going to be pushed as a minor update to 3.5 users, we are not creating a separate SHOWFOR tag and category. We are simply renaming the SHOWFOR tag. bug 521109 - Done
  • Rename 3.5 category to 3.5/3.6 - Done

Content update

Changes in Firefox

See Support/Firefox3.6:Changes

Articles that need to be updated

See Support/Firefox3.6:Articles_to_update

What we should update via script (all updates will be manual)

  • Main options panel is now General options panel.
    • Replace "{PATH()}Main{PATH} panel" and "{MENU()}Main{MENU} panel" with "{MENU()}General{MENU} panel ({MENU()}Main{MENU} panel in Firefox 3.5)"
  • Using about:support to direct users to profile folder.
    • We will create a content block for about:support
    • We will need to standardize the instructions for going to your profile folder, so they all get changed by the script.
  • Replace "Go to your Firefox profile folder - see ((Profiles|#How to find your profile|How to find your profile))" with don't know what yet.

New articles

Screenshots and Screencasts

Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 and later can be used for screenshots and screencasts.

  • Screenshots of options window will need to be updated.

Transition period