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High-level 2012 goals

Retain users

  • Maximize self-service efficiency
  • Achieve 100% action rate in user-to-user support

Improve our products

  • Listen to our users through more sources
  • Communicate findings better to developers

Meta goal: Grow our community

Retain users

  • [DROPPED] Implementation of the various parts of the UX redesign [KT] Plan
  • [DONE] Improvements to the search results page, based on Susan's and Matt's suggestions [KT , ML]
  • [DONE] Be ready for the Apps Marketplace consumer launch [IG, TD]
  • [DONE] Make recommended content changes [MV]
  • [DONE] Implement new task-based landing pages [ML]
  • [DONE] Provide better tools to contributors to answer questions more effectively [KT] Plan
  • [DONE] Provide better feedback to contributors about the effect of their contributions [KT] Plan
  • [carry-over][DONE] Update all Mobile support documentation for NativeUI [ML/RA] Plan

Improve our products

  • [MISSED] Implement Google Analytics across Mozilla Domains [IG] (Blocked on Legal)
  • [MISSED] Phase II of the Input/Twitter Clustering tools [IG]
  • Build a roadmap for Input [CW]
  • [DONE] Ramp up weekly android market reporting for nativeUI [ML]
  • [MISSED] Add screencasts to the SUMO report (no sumo report this quarter) [MV]
  • [DONE] Onramp new Analytics hire [CW]

Grow our community

  • [DROPPED] Create a latest issues documentation team [MV, CW] plan
  • [MISSED] Redesign and optimize all contributor recruitment channels [RA, MA, TD] Plan
  • [DONE] Design and implement a community health monitoring system and the strategy for acting based on the data [RA, MA, CW] Plan
  • [DONE] SUMO Knowledge Base Technical Writing Program [RA, MV] Plan
  • [DROPPED] Implement the ReMo/Stewards plan. [RA] Plan
  • Diminish the attrition rate, community communication strategy [all]
  • [DONE] Create a plan for retaining new contributors and converting them into regular ones[MA] Plan
  • [MISSED] Develop program to increase activity/participation in the community (not enough replies) [MA] Plan
  • [DONE] Increase presence on social media channels (Facebook) [MA] Plan
  • [stretch]: Build a community for Firefox feedback gathering [CW]
  • [DONE] Develop program to build and energize our community around the first NativeUI release [ML/MA] Plan