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Meeting Details


  • 09:00 PDT
  • 11:00 CDT
  • 12:00 EDT
  • 16:00 UTC
  • 18:00 CET

Phone call details:

  • California: 650-903-0800 then extension 92
  • Toronto: 416-848-3114 then extension 92
  • Toll-free: 800-707-2533 then password 369
  • Skype (free): +18007072533 then password 369

Then, enter the conference number: 9435#

Video details:

  • Guest video link
  • You will need to download and install the Vidyo desktop software. #sumo <== Click the link to use web-based chat

Link to meeting video

Actions from last week

  • Kadir to ask sumodev about how much maintenance it is to continue to maintain both staging environments so we can have one with a regularly updated database to do search tuning.
  • Michael to create a feature page for the topic templates
  • Everyone to look over the "Metrics to track" section of this etherpad. We want to decide which ones are necessary before implementing them.

Design & Development work

  • The work on the new task-based start page that implements Susan’s structure is done at — would love to be reviewed and get help on missing articles. Thank you Matt_g and Vito for helping with this.
  • Style guide workshop: Title & Slugs, Summaries could use some more participation. Try your hand at the exercises.
  • We had long discussion (video from 35:00 to 1:05:00 & 1:20:00 to 1:25:00) about Ibai's idea about how to implement a navigation layer on top of our flat wiki. It would involve using Topics and Subtopics to build a navigation tree. And then things like task based pages could be defined in an admin interface (build up from things like wiki templates and database queries). Then articles can inherit things like breadcrumbs from where they sit on this tree (determined by what topics they have).


  • Firefox 12/latest issues - nothing big so far. Swarnava pinged me about the Breaking Issues team - said he'll work to keep on top of things - check the forum and input. He'll talk to Michael or Cheng (or Michelle when Cheng is on vacation) if he has questions.
  • Firefox 13 - all of these features impact KB articles. Next on the list is to figure out what needs to be added to what articles + what new articles to create.








Comments, questions, ideas

Note: We didn't discuss any of this.

  • Verdi - Starting a discussion of good technical writing is on my to-do list. Highlight something you like and explain what makes it good. Examples off the top of my head - this, this and this.
  • Verdi - User education: we should talk about it.
  • Verdi - Enterprise support: David proposed, "A knowledge base section with the most common questions around enterprise deployment answered in easy-to-follow howto's." Thoughts?

Actions for next week

  • Not necessarily for next week but we need to look at what tasks will need to be done in regards to content tuning and figure out what can be done in production and what would work best on a local copy of sumo.