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User story of Abby, a seasoned Live Chat contributor

  1. Abby visits the Live Chat dashboard by finding it in the awesomebar
  2. Since the queue is open, she sees a listing of both waiting and current chats.
  3. Since she has permission to take chats in the queue, the chat management interface (if it exists) loads as soon as she visits the dashboard. (She could toggle a checkbox to require her to manually open it, but she has chosen not to)
  4. She is automatically joined to #sumo. Upon joining, she greets the others in the channel and asks if there are any new issues to be aware of.
  5. Being an experienced helper, she opens six chats from the queue.
  6. Since she expects to be taking 6 chats at a time for the next hour, she bumps her queue modifier to 6 to allow more into the queue. (Her maximum multiplier is 8)
  7. She greets each user, then either asks for more information or suggests a solution for each
  8. As users reply, she switches back and forth between her six chats. Color coding helps her go to chats most in need of replies first. Since she clicks between tabs quickly, the interface keeps them from moving around unnecessarily.
  9. One of the users she is answering, Tobias, has a really odd crash issue. She decides that she wants John to take a look, since he's had more experience with these.
  10. She pings John in #sumo, private messages him, and/or invites him to the chat with Tobias.
  11. John joins a couple minutes later and takes over the chat. She keeps it open so she can look back at it later.
  12. New user Felix appears online and she greets him. She asks him to pick a chat on the dashboard if he wants to help.
  13. Abby is notified that Felix has "knocked" on one of her chats. She accepts and lets him in. (If a policy were set to allow all users to join, Felix would have joined without having to knock)
  14. Felix helps Abby answer the question, and Abby is grateful. She thanks Felix for his help.
  15. John accepts a chat from a user wanting Abby back. He asks Abby to join, which she does by double clicking the chat on the dashboard. Since she has approval to answer questions, she doesn't have to knock. (out of politeness, she usually asks before joining others chats)
  16. Abby needs to leave but still has 3 chats open. She asks in #sumo for others to join, which they do. None of them have to knock, because they are all approved contributors.
  17. Abby leaves the site

Requirements for Abby to advance to the next stage

  1. Demonstrate an ability to effectively answer any question with a solution in the KB
  2. Demonstrate a willingness and ability to assist other helpers with their chats
  3. Get another Room Monitor or Administrator to vouch for her and act as a mentor.