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Similar to Support/TikiChanges, here are questions about SUMO project, and use of/participation to Tiki.

djst: I have added my initial comments below, but others please feel free to do the same.

Questions Answers/comments
What proportion of SUMO modifications are intended to being upstreamed to Tiki core? djst: Anything that isn't tied to our specific server setup or things like A/B tests specific to our website should be upstreamed. We currently have lots of Firefox-specific stuff, but the productization goal has obsoleted that practice anyway.
For things that are not upstreamed, what would be typical examples or reasons? (ex.: too specific to environment, etc) djst: A/B tests, surveys, site specific .htaccess rules, etc.
Can a SUMO developer participate to the Quality team
Does SUMO envisage using more/different features in Tiki? djst: We still know very little about the new features. Any specifics? ml: Support/BenefitsOfUpgradingToTiki4
Is the 6 month release schedule something that works so we can integrate the Support/SumoDevRoadmap2009 along with other contributor roadmaps for a global roadmap? djst: From a SUMO point of view, our best bet is likely to upgrade to every stable x.1 release, so we would do that every 6 months and make sure it becomes a regular addition to our roadmap. There will be a window between x.0 and x.1 when we will probably have to submit our patches to the proposed branch in addition to trunk, OR we will have to reapply all our patches since x.0 was released when we upgrade to x.1 (since those features will only be available natively in TikiWiki [x+1].1).
What can Tiki community do to help/encourage SUMO to commit fixes & enhancements to Tiki trunk? (and avoid future desynchronization)
What can we do to make sure SUMO commits are sent to Tiki mailing list as discussed in May
What can we do to find an ongoing method to distinguish in Bugzilla things that are relevant to general Tiki community. We have started adding tags like sumo_only, tiki_feature, etc here: Support/TikiUpstreamTriage
How can we collaborate better/more? (ex.: on testing infrastructure, etc?)