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  • Marc Laporte
  • David Tenser
  • You?


  • Go trough all modifications and categorize them.
  • Then, upstream all bugs marked tiki_feature, tiki_bug, tiki_template, or tiki_string (note: the bugzilla link doesn't include bugs already upstreamed as marked with tiki_upstreamed; for the full list of bugs to upstream, see the category links below).
  • Any bugs that can't be upstreamed as is without discussing best approach is marked with tiki_discuss. This list should ideally be emtpy! If there are bugs in this list, please help find the solution so it can be upstreamed.

Categories will be described below:


Starting 2009-08-26

  • 1st run: go through the whole list, categorize (tag) each item. Refine tag list as needed.
  • 2nd run for further discussion/analysis of the more tricky ones. (merge challenges, etc.)
    • Link to relevant wishlist item on or code

Features / enhancements that should go to Tiki

As we add things on this list, we'll only mark one "meta-bug" with tiki_feature. We won't necessarily identify each commit/patch, as the code will be taken in final stage and ported/adapted to Tiki trunk for inclusion/discussion/abstraction of code in 4.x. The individual bugs for that main feature will be marked as sumo_only.

Please add/link to any & all relevant information to facilitate upstreaming meta-bug, PRD wiki page, user documentation, blog post, and who is the contact person, link to actual code, etc. For now, don't spend time too much time to create information, just link to it. The goal for now is to get a better picture of what each feature does and to identify people in the Tiki community to coordinate with.


Replication support

Move database load from master to slaves

Memcache support

CSS and JavaScript minification

Stéphane Casset wrote I am planning to add this, ie kind of retake what SUMO did but in a little different way...


Alain Désilets wrote: "Marta Stojanovic and I might be able to help with some of the i18n related features, as long as it leaves us with some time to work on the forward looking features (integration of Machine Translation in particular)."


Track l10 changes

(ie noticing when translations are out of date)

This was already done in TikiWiki and was first released as part of 2.0. Very likely to be improved in trunk at this time. Were there any specific fixes related to this in SUMO?

l10n dashboard

Upstreamed along with pagelist. Several improvements could be made to make the feature more generic, including:

  • Metadata support on objects to allow custom values (other than score and priority)
  • Dynamic lists from categories to avoid the duplication


Upstreaming translations

SUMO has about 25 totally new translations. Tiki strings should be added directly (easy) For existing languages, a merging process should be established (strings have been improved in parallel in Tiki community).

Figure out a sustainable upstream model

How to distinguish SUMO only translations? (and efficiently maintain locally) How to regularly upstream translations for Tiki strings?


Metrics & logs

Data warehouse and metrics dashboard


CSAT (Customer Satisfaction)



Screencast support

Upstreamed as-is in trunk.

Possible improvements:

  • Use file galleries to store files (image uploads are now handled this way)
  • Generalize feature to apply outside wiki pages.

Showfor plugin

Staging & Approval

Various enhancements in general and to work with translations

Forum enhancements


Features / enhancements that need to be maintained separately

Here, we'll try to abstract as much as possible, and make it easy to maintain.

In product help

Press F1, and access online documentation, with an alternate template. ex.:

Rewrite Rules

SUMO has specific Rewrite Rules.


luci & Gary have volunteered to port SUMO theme to Tiki 4 and to help with make SUMO theme-related enhancements generic. Work has already started and they have questions:

Who is/are theme person/people for SUMO?

Glueware to other apps


Full text search using Sphinx (which should become an abstraction layer for Search)

Live chat

Live chat integration: Support/Live_Chat/Web_Client_PRD



Phone Meeting 2009-09-02

  • Update on
  • Zend Framework use (cache, etc.)
  • Introduce Support/InterestingTikiLinks
  • Progress on triage list above
  • Adding SUMO devs to Tiki security list and get access to the Security Dashboard
  • Adding Tikidevs to Bugzilla
  • From, "SUMO will continue on own svn but will create some way for tiki devs to see what happens will be figured out. (e.g. a hook to send commits to Tiki commit mailing list, or a hook to automatically send commits into a tikiwiki SVN branch)". Please have it sent to: (and let know what the from email is so an exception is added to the spam filter.
  • Copy of SUMO data for test drive on Tiki 4.x
    • It would be a quick way to demonstrate new/changed features for evaluation by SUMO. (change is OK for us, or no, we'll want to adapt, etc.). ->

How to help

The most important thing is to review the items in tiki_triage and to change to sumo_triage, tiki_feature, tiki_fixed, etc. as described above. And to add notes/links to anything relevant (item on tiki wishlist, commit on Tiki SVN, discussion on mailing list, wiki page, etc.)

To help with triage, and watch the various items, you need to have an account on Bugzilla.

  1. Create an account here :
  2. You can then watch stuff by going in your bugzilla email preferences add the email addresses listed here: to your "watch list". You will receive a lot of email. So you may just want to watch selective items.
  3. Inform Marc, David or Gavin of your login, so you are given "editbug capabilities". This will permit you to change status: sumo_triage, sumo_only, tiki_fixed, etc.