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Support » Weekly Meetings » 2008-04-07

Attendees: djst, cilias, np, Lucy, zzxc, nkoth, morgamic, laura


  • Performance status [1]
    • Next step should be to do traffic testing on a test cluster; morgamic to spearhead that
    • Many of the questions answered in the linked wiki page (thanks laura)
  • SUMO day (getting the word out, finalizing on events, picking hours)
    • Doing Mozilla Blog post and about:mozilla announcement this week
    • Posted in other Mozilla related channels
    • Hours of operation: 7 AM - 6 PM PDT
    • Should come up with events that are a mixture of easy and more advanced stuff for people to get involved with. Events being finalized in [2]
  • Weekly metrics [3]
    • New metrics! Top/bottom articles, active forum contributors.
    • About 15% traffic increase since we started to link to placeholder page for in-product help. Hard to estimate traffic increase when we link directly to SUMO.

Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: 2 new article requests [4][5], 3 new articles [6][7][8].
  • New tutorial on translating articles [9]
  • New approver: Bo! He's been a long-time contributor to the Knowledge Base and we're excited to have him as an approver.
  • New content block: aboutconfig
  • 0 universal freetags! (That's a good thing, because it means all tags have a language set, eliminating the problem with tags appearing in the wrong language.)
  • 32 locale leaders + 9 approvers + 77 contributors (Last I checked, it was around 10, so I guess the blog post helped) = 118 total contributors
    • We can now use this as a starting point for "New Contributors" in the weekly metrics
    • There's still at least 5 users that have edited/created articles, that are still not set as Contributors
  • Splitting Contributor page: 1 for how to get started, and the other for regular contributors
    • The current page should remain mostly the same and should be the landing page for people who want to find out more about SUMO and how to help
    • The new page would act as a contributor portal, with content aiming to help contributors staying on top of things, as well as making the experience more dynamic


  • Stats
    • Number of contributors: 14, but looks like maybe half have only posted once last week
    • Biggest week ever, over 1000 threads
  • Planning for SUMO day
    • Updated Providing forum support with tips from Bo
    • Having trouble thinking of any "projects" for new contributors other than just "provide forum support"

Live Chat

  • Chirpy updated (a collection of useful tips for people helping out with Live Chat) [10]
  • Some contributors who want to help out, but can't during today's hours of operation
    • Lucy in Europe this week; will try to start a European Live Chat shift