Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-01-10

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Sumo Development

  • Verifying 2.4.1 today.
    • * 2.4.1 was called off last week, we will try again tomorrow
  • Freezing 2.4.2 Thursday.


We have a "meet the team" page. Please have a look at your own description and update it: meet the team


  • Cheng: Will ask Pedro if the dashboard can be made public
  • Cheng: To make it excplicit who is owning what on the manual page
  • Cheng: To get search terms broken down by locale
  • Cheng: To change % of helpful votes to a line chart

Knowledge Base

  • Fx 4 Updates all day, every day
    • Looking for the placement of templates in other articles.
  • Michael: Will talk to the mobile team, to get a multilingual desktop build
  • KB goals for Q1


IRC meeting coming up this week: forum thread

Live Chat