Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2010-06-14

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  • Weekly metrics
    • Database issues are causing problems, so ignore data for now.
    • Firefox takes several minutes to start up has jumped to bottom-rated solved a problem. It's written for a previous issue that was fixed Firefox 3.5.1; and there are extensions lately that are causing long startup times. Users are probably arriving there because we have no "Firefox takes a long time to start up" article. michaelverdi to replace the old article, and try point out specific extensions.
  • Proposed Summit Activities
    • These are submitted. Make sure the info on the page is correct.
    • Start preparing slides, etc. We can rehearse by presenting to each other before the summit.
  • Proposed Q3 goals
    • Firefox 4 beta preparations.
    • Merge the Mobile support site with the desktop support site.
      • In addition, make sure Android docs and community building are ready.
    • New site theme. This is part of a set of Mozilla sites getting a new theme.
    • Tiki maintenance release. We need to discuss if this is something we need/want.
    • Progress on Kitsune KB. Implementing the new KB is not likely to happen in Q3, but we should have an overview of what we can achieve.
    • PostCrash. A joint project with the Socorro team to make getting help with crashes a better experience.
    • FirefoxHome is being done before Q3. :-)
    • Make escalating Firefox issues (to Firefox dev and QA) more community-based and at least more known to the support community.
    • Get the community volunteers more involved. More details are needed.
    • djst to take all these ideas and draft Q3 goals.

Sumo development update

  • 2.1:
    • We understand the problem.
    • To really test the solution we need database replication in staging.
  • 2.2 is still underway.
    • AAQ work going on this week.
  • IT-required downtime on Tuesday night.
    • Database disk-space issue.
    • Will be down approximately 3 hours.

Knowledge Base


  • no update

Live Chat

  • Traffic returned to normal, but we were closed for a majority of the scheduled shifts due to unexpected downtime and the Kitsune 2.1 push
  • If Firefox 3.6.4 is released this week, we'll have extended hours after the release.


  • FirefoxHome
    • SUMO will be pushed to on Thursday. It's one bug, creating an .htaccess redirect for the help link on the app page. We'll have details early this week.
    • We're also creating a module on to advertise FirefoxHome this week as well.
  • Sumo at LinuxTag
    • We ran out of time to cover this in the meeting, so Kadir will email an update to the team.