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Thank you reading these words - it means you want to contribute to global Mozilla Support. More than half of all Firefox users speak a language other than English and we depend on contributors like you to make support available to people all over the world.

We are always happy to welcome new localizers to our group. Please have a look at our [list of available locales], to see if we are already covering your language. In case it's not covered we would love to work with you to add it to our pages. If you see a language in the list, you should be able to click its name and see the Locale Leader(s) working on it. You can contact them to learn more about localizing SUMO articles into your language.

I want to be a localizer. What should I do?

First things first:

  • Create a SUMO account, which will allow you to write in our [community l10n forum] and localize any article you see in SUMO.
  • Once you have an account, please visit our [l10n community forum] and introduce yourself. Our community can answer all your questions and help you get started.
  • IMPORTANT: You have to get in touch with the Locale Leaders for your language to receive Editor permissions. You can find your Locale Leaders by [clicking your language on this list]

What if there already are people localizing into my language?

In case you see your language listed on the [list of available locales] you should click on the name of a Locale Leader and send him or her a private message to get in touch. Don't be shy, they will be happy to hear from you - the more, the merrier!

IMPORTANT: before you start working on your first localization, your Locale Leader will have to give you Editor permissions for the locale - this will give you the access to localization options.

What if there is no content available in my language?

If you don't see your language listed on the [list of available locales], please [send a private message to Michał] and you will figure out together with him how to address this.

Next, please read How does support localization work?