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Being a SUMO Locale Leader is a fun and rewarding task. Your work will help thousands upon thousands of people speaking your language. And you also get to:

  • Define the standards for SUMO localization in your language
  • Help new localizers get started
  • Work with other localizers in your language across Mozilla
  • Coordinate the work around SUMO with your community
  • Review, approve, and publish localized articles

You don't have to do all of this - just translating and reviewing is already great - but building a healthy and fun community around you will help you get the work done faster and will bring you the joy of collaboration and perhaps new friends.

So, What do you need to know?

1. State of your locale

It's important that you know how your language (or "locale") is doing. The best place to do so is the Dashboard, where you see the localization coverage, the articles needing translation and review.

You can find your dashboard from the Contributors tools menu on the top, or you can visit our list of locales.

From the Dashboard you can find some very useful links on the left side:

  • Locale metrics: shows you the metrics over time, so that you can understand how your locale has been doing and how many contributors have been active historically.
  • Localization team: here you will see the team and each member's roles and activities. As a Locale Leader you will be able to grant individual contributors Reviewer rights. It also allows you to see everyone who was active in the past 90 days.
  • Recent revisions: here you will be able to see exactly what revisions have been made. You will be able to refine your search by username and date range.
  • Aggregated metrics: here you will be able to see how your locale is doing compared to others.

2. What are the goals of SUMO l10n?

  • For big locales with a lot of traffic, the focus is on translating the Top 100 articles, and generally keeping the whole KB as close to 100% as possible.

Big locales: (list goes here)

  • For medium locales, with decent traffic and a large user base, the more of the Top 50 articles are localized, the better. Getting the Top 100 to 100% is already a great achievement.

Medium locales: (list goes here)

  • For small locales, getting the Top 20 articles to 100% is a great start.

Small locales: (list goes here)

  • If you are the first to work on your locale, you will start with the FAQ page and the articles that branch out of it. For more details, read [this article]
  • You are always welcome to translate as much as you want. If you have doubts, please contact Michał to discuss which goal makes more sense in your situation.

3. Useful links

  • General documentation for SUMO l10n starts here.
  • Community building tips and best practices can be found [httsp:// here].
  • If you really want to learn everything around creating and editing the KB, start here.
  • Learn more about Reviewers and what they do here.
  • Don't forget you also have the Community team at your disposal: Michał and Madalina.