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Team Goals

  1. O: Make Firefox more stable [current crash rates]
    1. KR: 1.2 nightly browser crashes per 100 ADI (per-month median)
    2. KR: 0.3 nightly startup crashes per 100 ADI (per-month median)
    3. KR: 2.0 nightly content crashes per 100 ADI (per-month median)
  2. O: Make crashes easier to find & fix
    1. KR: 90% new crashes have associated bugs opened and tracked
  3. O: Improve Google document performance on Firefox
    1. O: Understand Google document performance issues on Firefox
      1. KR: Reduced the problem space to a finite areas that we can improve

Health Checks

  1. Test code coverage (minus crash/no return code path)
  2. Team mental health
  3. ADI / DAU / MAU