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There's a Performance shared calendar (iCal), which is primarily used for PTO.


Add any PTO to the shared calendar (see above) so the team are aware.


Feel free to sign up to the following groups, and post to them when you have something to share or questions to ask.

  • perftest is invite only, and used for team communications and setting up test accounts
  • performance is for general discussion and announcements
  • perfteam group is for the performance engineering team
  • perf-sheriffs is for discussions related to performance sheriffing
  • perftest-alerts is for alerts related to performance tests
  • pi-monitoring is used to share regression summaries


There's a shared 1Password vault for credentials that you may need to access. Please submit a request for 1Password from The Hub. Once you have an account and the software set up (available on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS) you can be added to the team vault.

Additional equipment

You may need additional hardware such as mobile devices, laptops, etc. You can request this equipment from The Hub.


We have a GitHub team for simplifying access to repositories. All team members that belong to the Mozilla organisation should be added to this team as members. Team maintainers can add new members following the process documented here. Other contributors will need to be manually granted access to individual repositories as needed.

Shared folder

We have a shared folder in Google Drive.


Performance sheriffs will need to complete the following:

Review policy

When you push a commit up for review, you should use the following syntax to request review from the perftest review group:


A single r+ from one reviewer is required for the patch to be allowed to be sent off for integration. More reviewers can pitch in on the same review, and Lando will in this case automatically rewrite the commit message to show who was involved signing off the patch, for example:

Bug 1546611 - Fix "None" checks when validating test manifests; r=perftest,rwood

When you occasionally you have to single out individuals for specific topic expertise, you add an exclamation mark behind the nickname:


This will add the patch to the shared review queue, but also block the review from landing pending Rob's approval. Requested changes by other reviewers will also block the review.