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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Action Items

  • Shredder (name for Alpha 1 / nightlies), davida owns the bug
    • Most likely on the SVN, looking to move to wiki in the future.
    • Shredder will be both Minefield/Gran Paradiso equivalent for the moment.
    • philor has reasons why names should be different for nightlies and alphas though.
      • davida will talk to him about names.


  • Nominations coming in, nothing too big to block
  • dmose talked to joduinn about the start of the process
    • Keep the Shredder Alpha 1 bug up-to-date
    • Nick will focus on Firefox 3 RCs though once that comes around.
    • We will work with Nick on this, depending on his timetable.
  • Rick
    • Some configs' got their reviews denied.
    • Still to be improved.
    • Issues about tinderbox, buildbot, mozconfig to be sorted out etc.
    • Pull date of 2008-05-01
      • Unless davida wants to take in one last bug 432188
      • Not a blocking though, still nominated.
      • Tag will then change.
    • Ideal date is to have a build on Thursday
      • There is still the build configs sorted out though.
      • If no build available for Thursday, we'll use nightlies for testday.
    • If things drag on, we'll branch.
    • If not, we'll release on Friday or Monday, then we'll reopen the tree.

AMO recommended list

  • Bryan has a draft, sent to the newsgroup, will blog about it as well.
    • Categories, recommended ones etc.
    • Will finalize by today or tomorrow.
      • Also collaborating with Nic Nac.
      • e.g. A Nic Nac extension improves return receipts.
    • Will advise CMU team to head to the newsgroup.

(see the Talk Page for more details)

QA Updates

Bug day results are constantly updated in a spreadsheet. UNCO Graph continues to look good - dropped ~250 bugs in 1.5 months.

Last Bug Day Thursday 1st May 2008

  • Bug numbers dropping, good sign.

Next Bug Test Day Thursday 8th May 2008

  • QA testplan is up
    • We'll redirect testers to Litmus, will follow up with Coop about Thunderbird trunk litmus testcases.
      • Update: seems that this would not be completed in time.
    • Will use nightlies if Alpha 1 bits are not out yet.


Improvement of Start page for future Alphas

  • Proposed by Ron K on the previous bugday session.
  • bug 430762 filed to track this idea.
  • Would be good to have especially if http hosted.
    • Update: davida is the owner.


  • Set up a ui-review flag, so that the bugs where UI review is really needed can be flagged up to Bryan.
    • Update: ui-review is normally used per-patch.
      • Screenshots should get attached as well.


  • Located some memory leak issues bug 431404, bug 431414
  • Removed some dead code bug 431415
  • Fixed LDAP ABs so that non-ASCII Bind DNs are supported bug 389655
  • Password Manager
    • Started tidying up the SMTP service/url code and related items in preparation to help Password Manager migration (wallet -> toolkit) work.
    • Will need some detailed look at.
  • Unit Tests bug 406227
    • 2 out of 5 bugs now fixed.
    • 1 bug has patch that needs extending and test case
    • I have a basic understanding of at least the causes of the failures for the other 2 bugs.
  • Want to look at this week:
    • Review policy/Guidelines proposal for tests in mailnews.
    • Get (updated) patches up for all of the remaining unit test bugs
    • Password Manager
    • Start researching Ts (startup time) tests


  • Preparation for QA testday in view of Thunderbird 3 Alpha 1, IRC meeting held
    • Bought improved hardware (Memory & disk space) for testing in VMs
    • Also prepared QA wiki pages for the alpha release, formulated QA testplan
  • Release notes now done by davida
  • Patches for some trivial UI naming issues bug 218500, bug 249620
  • Occasional bug triage
    • Testday coming up on Thursday, hopefully we'll have Alpha 1 bits out.



  • Wants to know how to increase disk swap on the Mac.
    • He can ask in #maildev
  • Still stumped by bug 411171, altho no longer to be considered a blocker for 3.0a1
  • working on getting the tinderbox configs for 3.0a1 completed. Two attempts at a patch for the existing configs are close, but not complete. Will be going thru a proper patch with Nick


  • 3.0a1 driving
    • WIll go back to reviews soon, depends on how things go with Alpha 1


  • Mostly finished with save/restore of open windows. Some issues with tabs which will wait for more work to be done on tabs.
  • sid0 is starting up on the Windows Desktop Search integration with Thunderbird. He will be reusing bienvenu's Spotlight integration code.


  • Worked on CPU consumption bug 429929. A temporary patch has been submitted by Markus that fixes the problem for now. 2 different bugs have been filed to address this issue. See bug comments.
  • Continuing TB design documentation.
  • Worked on bug 383489. Planning to fix this week.
  • Made some progress about dummy protocol implementation. Not completed.
  • Planning to dig into data storage and search design and implementation of TB. Going to work with clarkbw on search.
  • Dale hasn't got back to him yet, he's busy recently, will get back together soon
    • May work on offline IMAP stuff together
  • davida: should get Bryan, Emre, sid0 and beckley to have a chat about search.


  • pecobro, the performance code browser
    • now usable for stuff! hooray!
    • Considering name change to capybara, an adorable rodent thing, as suggested by dascher. Then we can have a logo and a less made-up name.
    • Using it to fix bug 296453, the slow IMAP deletion bug. Interestingly, the OS X progressbar performance issues seem to be made visible in the (un-trimmed) trace with many calls to XULWindow/ChromeWindow.setAttribute and progressmeter.xml/ChromeWindow.nextStep.
    • Plan to provide documentation for other people to learn how to use the generated by-products to infer things.
    • Plan to provide some way for other people to generate their own traces and get them processed by pecobro. This will probably initially take the form of an OS X build they can run and then some quasi- or fully-automated means of getting the trace processed. (Need to provide a build because I have made changes to the Mozilla USDT DTrace probes that are not yet in trunk.)
    • Need to get my Mozilla USDT DTrace mods (or equivalent) into the trunk.
    • Going to get back to using against sunbird/lightning (on the trunk) for performance.
    • If anyone has any bugs that seeing what's happening in the land of javascript would be useful, let asuth know.
  • Going to look into the message list view stuff that clarkbw has been looking into. Also interested in the search stuff for visualization reasons.
  • dmose: sayrer is interested in asuth's work
  • asuth volunteered to create a tag meta-bug for thunderbird (during the after-call-proper-but-still-on-call search-related discussion)


davida (David), dmose (Dan), nth10sd (Gary), Standard8 (Mark), Emre, Rick, clarkbw (Bryan), asuth (Andrew), beckley (Jeff), wsmwk (Wayne)