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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? wsmwk

Action Items


  • rebron: file a bug on getting an announcements feed going on (reassigned from davida)
  • everyone: look for delight bugs for the next release, put [delight] in status whiteboard
  • davida: reschedule meeting, to Wednesdays? - calendar folk will be on future status calls


Thunderbird:Thunderbird 3.0b1

  • One week to string freeze (16th September)
  • Two weeks to code freeze for 3.0b1 (23rd September)

L10N builds/String Freeze

  • L10N builds:
    • Thunderbird now has L10N builds
    • Thunderbird doesn't have compare-locales / L10n dashboard - standard8 awaiting response from axel/sipaq
  • String Freeze - Main bugs:
    • davida expressed concern about amount of time needed to review what's left to land compared to freeze date
    • Account Configuration bug 422814
      • Backend changes have been posted
      • discussion: concern about this making b1 given the work to be done, lack of usage to date, possible patch collisions
      • idea: bring it in as experimental via pref, so ship 2 account configs
    • Password Manager bug 239131 (standard8)
      • LDAP patch waiting review (completes ldap changes)
      • Starting to look at rest of changes, i.e. smtp - standard8 concerned about checking in time for string freeze
    • Inline card dialog bug 450724 patches (need clarkbw and dan to sort out some UI):
      1. We now have Add/Edit functionality in message headers (click on menu)
      2. Inline Edit dialog: requested reviews (philor, clarkbw), but need to resolve one issue - discussion after meeting.
      3. Add-on-click: patches ready, awaiting reviews
      4. Star UI: prototyped, need to do proper version.
    • Improved Message Reader View bug 449691
      • First patch posted for ui-review
      • rest will go in as series of several patches
    • Offline Data Storage Pref Screen bug 369096 (emre) for preemptive message download
      • would like to make b1 but won't block

Blockers / Wanted Bugs

  • 3 blockers with no owner:
    • bug 429118 Thunderbird inline spell check broken
      • This has a proposal for fixing it, should be easy, needs someone to implement/test
    • bug 453928 Reevaluate mailnews use of CAPS
      • don't yet know all details, related to enterprise usage, suspect small population of users
      • alternative for b1: add UI for existing pref to disable js
    • bug 408370 STEEL
      • demote for b1 so that gloda lands first, which should help enable STEEL
  • High priority bugs not referenced above:
    • bug 360648 TB toolkit autocomplete migration
      • Waiting on one ui-review from Beltzner mconnor
      • LDAP code needs doing - have investigated, hope to fix in between string freeze and code freeze.
    • Gloda bug 450494
      • dan and andrew working on today, Tuesday

Thunderbird 3

  • lots of triage has happened; status = ?
  • some question about use of Target-Milestone field
  • action item (dmose): email drivers to schedule meeting this week for 9:30 Thursday

QA Updates

  • crash stats is functioning again (sort of) as of a couple days ago, but
    • still no topcrash category for TB3.0b1pre
    • Mac symbols only just came online bug 448616 fixed 09-08 - someone Mac should check it out
    • they still have more backend work to do (that's the sort of works piece)
  • good bugday last week - North (UNCO) now meets South [NEW] bug chart
  • last week bugday focus continued on Patch Love


Status Updates

  • no discussion this week
  • sick for too long
  • some progress on autoconfig dialog -- still lots to do
  • new message-reader view work
  • Filed and fixed trunk calendar build bustage (bug 453491)


  • MOZ_XUL_APP cleanup patch (bug 451909)
  • Cannot open attachements in saved .eml files (bug 439431)
  • Addressbooks in menulists may become unsorted (bug 450581)
  • Reviews & Driving
  • Autocomplete
    • Started looking at migrating the ldap code to the new interfaces. I now have various ideas on how to do this, going to try and fit in once password manager work is progressed.
  • Password Manager
    • bug 419595 New patch updated for LDAP.
    • Now looking at SMTP changes.
  • Inline Edit Card Dialog
    • Really need to talk to Bryan, awaiting reviews & more discussion.
  • Address Book
    • bug 451381 Updated patch for re-using the new menupopup address book widget in Thunderbird's preferences.
  • Build Config
    • bug 443351 Move all of Thunderbird's unofficial/nightly branding items into mail/branding/nightly - fixed official branding.
  • Reviews and driving
  • More work on autoconfig - working on getting backend changes landed in comm-central repo
  • landed fix for bug 292643, don't clear out identities when removing an account if some other account is using them.
  • submitted patch for bug 262319 - sort by thread fails to resort on new incoming message
  • submitted patch for bug 454298: stack overflow in GetIsKilled with mis-threaded messages.
  • Worked on
    • bug 436615: in reviewing process, awaiting for a new submission
    • bug 452615: submitted, awaiting review
  • Working on
    • bug 440794: Async send operation
      • Made some progress. Every folder has their own data structure to store pending messages now. No UI yet. Patch hides the compose window and acts like the email is sent immediately.
      • hwaara is going to work on smtp connection cache issue if his time permits.
    • bug 439089: Auto-compacting
      • Implemented an idle-triggered auto-compaction service. Not completed, work in progress.
  • L10N builds are running, and work as expected
  • Lightning/gdata builds are running in testing
    • Need to finish merging my changes back to the buildbot-configs/ repo
    • Need to sort out where to upload the bits
  • Time to spin up web infrastructure
    • www.spreadthunderbird.{com|org} bug 454268
  • Organize a TB Beta 1 Dry Run Release

(won't be on the call, en route to Vancouver)

  • bug 452962 "make install" now works on comm-central
  • worked on killing more old cruft, e.g. xpfe-style chrome versions
  • some more work for SeaMonkey L10n builds that can make it into Thunderbird configs in the future, e.g. uploading langpacks and more work towards getting localized auto-updates
  • bug 453840 make it possible to create files in the final place for releases - for hg-based release process, generating "pretty" package names right from the build system
  • SM specific code being frozen tonight for 2.0 alpha, estimate freeze of 1 week or less
  • Getting team together for web site redesign.
  • Working and finishing up bug 430762
  • We're getting the domain. John, from Australia, kept it safe for us since 2004! We decided on drupal as our platform after evaluating a couple others. bug 454268
  • Working with StarOffice marketing for bundling with the next release of StarOffice 9. They're expecting a few million installs.
  • Pricing out promotional items with the Thunderbird logos/wordmark that we can give away at conferences or to contributors.


dmose, wsmwk, bienvenu, emre, asuth, clarbkw, KaiRo, standard8, davida, rebron