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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? Gozer is
  • davida brought up the idea of having a schedule for minute taking
    • How is the sheriff shedule made ?

Action Items


  • davida: reschedule meeting, to Wednesdays? - calendar folk will be on future status calls
    • davida is waiting until after 3.0b1 and calendar 0.9 to sort this out.


Thunderbird:Thunderbird 3.0b1

  • Code freeze TODAY
  • Thunderbird L10N builds seem to be ok, need to set Freeze date (dashboard)
  • 3.0b1 Tracking Document
    • Looks like the release will be manual, just like Firefox 3.1a1 & 3.1a2
  • Standard8 is the release driver
  • wsmwk is the QA lead of Beta 1

Blockers / Wanted Bugs

  • Blockers/Wanted:
    • TB 3.0b1 - blocking: 15 (2 post freeze)
    • Not tracked in lists (core):
      • bug 454004 Ctrl+Home / Ctrl+End don't work in Mail Compose window
      • bug 314160 Typing focus lost when using any Midas buttons/selects except text color/hightlight color
        • Mac only, no fix in sight.
      • bug 455217 Selection colors for plain text files is wrong (white background, blue text instead of blue background, white text)
    • TB 3.0b1 - wanted: 11
  • Proposed Blockers (b1): 4

Thunderbird 3

3.0b1 targeted Main Bugs Progress

  • Account Configuration bug 422814 (beta2, davida)
    • Backend changes have been checked in
  • Password Manager bug 239131 (beta2, standard8)
    • LDAP patch waiting review (completes ldap changes) and update
    • Starting to look at rest of changes, i.e. smtp
  • Inline card dialog bug 450724 (beta1, standard8)
    • davida updating the patch.
  • Improved Message Reader View bug 449691 (beta1, dmose/davida)
    • Complete for beta 1?
  • Toolkit autocomplete migration bug 360648 (beta2, standard8)
    • Fighting LDAP code to do the right thing.

Pushed to beta 2

  • gloda-in-core bug 450494 has been pushed to beta 2, but we will be releasing a new extension with expmess/exptoolbar functionality soon. (part of the reason for the push).

More 3.0 high-level work next week

  • drivers meeting moved to 9:00 AM Pacific this week; dmose to send out email

QA Updates

  • crash stats is totally on the ropes.
    • The OSX/Intel problems can most likely worked around for the RC, by simply running dump_symbols repeatedly until it runs once without failing.
  • status of bugday 09-25 uncertain - have coverage only for session #3
  • modest amount of feedback in bugs to beta 1's new features during beta 1 testday


Status Updates

  • GloDa review
  • various other misc reviews
  • IMAP debugging
  • Reviews & Driving
  • Autocomplete
    • Reworked fix for bug 325842 due to unit test failures.
    • Trying to sort out remaining LDAP issues.
  • Inline Message Reader View
    • Did reviews and helped with qute theme tidy up (bug 455801
  • bug 450724 Inline edit card dialog
    • Fixed some problems with standalone message window
    • Fixed some issues relating to the show only display name preference.
    • Patch up for Stars, davida improving on it.
  • Address Book
    • bug 455610 - Correct birthday field translation in OS X Address Book interface
    • bug 455240 - Address book card preview pane doesn't update for card changes via external interfaces and some internal updates.
  • Misc
    • bug 456415 Setting up a vcard for an account doesn't work
    • bug 450038 - Landed patch for point help to
    • bug 451238 and bug 430762 - Start pages now hosted on
    • bug 358716 - Upgraded LDAP c-sdk to latest version (6.0.6)
  • gloda review tracking now on User:Andrew_Sutherland/MailNews/GlobalDatabase/Review to augment the bug. (moved existing actionable bug comments to the wiki page.)
  • gloda progress
    • implemented revised indexing logic.
      • now uses bounded event-driven indexing with fall-back to sweep when too many events happen, or just in cases where we don't need timely updates.
      • indexing now more 'incremental' in that we can tell from a header (thanks to a property we set) whether the message has been gloda indexed, and whether it needs to be re-indexed (dirty). this allows sweeps to be practical/efficient.
      • only indexes things that are offline for IMAP
      • indexing is suspended if you 'go offline' as a proxy for assuming you are on battery, lacking an indicator for that.
      • indexing is throttled if you are active versus idle. the numbers may need tweaking.
    • changes for review
    • got jsdoc-toolkit based documentation going here. Required/uses some changes I made, available in hg.
  • Reviews and driving
  • Turned off js in mail for b1 bug 453943
  • Found fix for bug 456326 "some other operation in process" assertion
  • Found fix for one case of bug 455964 imap parser assertion
  • Found fix for flag state messed up assertion
  • Landed fix for bug 262319 new messages arriving in threaded view causes affected threads to get resorted
  • Worked with auto sync patch, and fixed static build issue.
  • Worked on kill-rdf repository with jminta - folders no longer getting created through rdf.
  • Worked on threadview repository, starting to thread messages in cross-folder saved searches.
  • bug 436615: Imap Auto-Sync - landed
  • bug 440794: Async send operation - ready for the first cut
  • Post Auto-Sync regression bugs that I've worked on
  • Auto-Sync improvement bugs that I've worked on
    • bug 456291 usage of mail.check_new_mail
    • bug 455812 XPCOM interface to allow monitor background download operations - patch is ready for review
  • dealt with colo meltdown all day, everything back to normal
    • Having no presence anywhere beside the San Jose colo is sub-optimal
  • We are now running on our own hardware
  • spreadthunderbird.{org|com}
    • DNS is ours
    • Initial staging/test drupal setup is up and running
  • l10n dashboard
    • Up and running (tracking down some instability in the web front-end)
    • 12 locales are green
    • runs are *not* poller triggered, but rather forced every hour
  • Lightning/gdata comm-central builds are done

  • collaborated with gerv to improve Hendrix: updated text to inform web form submitor and newsgroup readers "this is not a support forum" bug 453613, captcha added to help prevent spam bug 453652
  • ran testday for new features of beta 1
  • continue to follow up on patch love bugs
  • palmsync component has new default QA palmsync@mail.bugs and updated assignee=nobody
  • awaiting thunderbird-testers mailing list bug 456450
  • Landed calendar on comm-central
  • Worked on porting mozilla-central build system changes to comm-central and clean up comm-central build system code
  • Working on update. In the information architecture stage, starting design process next week. Here is map info.
  • Thanks to gozer and jb for setting up Plugging away on getting up and running in the next few weeks.
  • Continuing work on promotional/marketing giveaways.
  • Reviewed messaging/pr plan with Mozilla PR and marketing team.


gozer, davida, dmose, standard8, rebron, clarkbw, emre, bienvenu, nth10sd