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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? --> davida
  • davida brought up the idea of having a schedule for minute taking

--> google calendar setup, visible here. Talk to davida for schedule changes/additions.

Action Items


  • davida: reschedule meeting, to Wednesdays? - calendar folk will be on future status calls
    • See the newsgroup post if you haven't already.
    • Hard to find a time that works for all timezones. Maybe have to stick with current schedules, and find more ways to cross-pollinate.


Thunderbird:Thunderbird 3.0b1

  • Naming (dmose) --> renaming 3.0b1 to 3.0a3, as explained in a blog post by dmose.
  • Code freeze Ongoing.
  • 26 Locales ready to go.
  • gozer doing dry-run
  • 3.0b1 Tracking Document
    • Release will be manual, just like Firefox 3.1a1 & 3.1a2
  • Standard8 is the release driver
  • wsmwk is the QA lead of Beta 1
  • renaming bug milestones (b1 to a3, b2 to b1)

Blockers / Wanted Bugs

Thunderbird 3

  • Draft Thunderbird:Thunderbird3:DevRoadmap identifies major work items on the plate for Tb3 -- much of it needs scheduling, owning, breakdown.
  • More 3.0 high-level work this week (updating schedule w/ 1.9.1 slippage, etc)

QA Updates

  • crash stats looking better, for example a good list in 3.0a2 top crashes. However, almost zero 3.0b1pre crashes.
    • (any status changed since last week?) The OSX/Intel problems can most likely worked around for the RC, by simply running dump_symbols repeatedly until it runs once without failing.
  • bugday ran last week and this week scheduled for 10-02 - continuing focus on trunk bugs. chart
  • new public mailing list for making announcements to the testing community thunderbird-testers


Status Updates

  • helped track down flagState assertion (bug 455963)
  • posted basic assertion fix for nsIMAPGenericParser to bug 383815
  • driving work


  • fix to parse IMAP [NOMODSEQ] correctly and flagState assertion (bug 455963)
  • star UI changes (bug 450724)
  • expose IMAP auto sync manager interface to monitor/cancel (bug 45812)
  • fix for losing track of messages on IMAP servers with CONDSTORE (bug 456601)
  • more message reader polish fixes for bug 455801
  • new/edit card star tooltip bugfixes (bug 456863)
  • repair borked headers when detected (bug 457052)
  • Reviews, Driving
  • Started updates to website for release.
  • bug 456863 New/Edit Card tooltip not resetting in Header bar display
  • Toolkit Autocomplete
    • Still trying to work out problems with LDAP.
  • gloda support
    • address book contact overlay editing.
  • gloda
    • review action item processing
    • implemented address book indexing for tag purposes
    • various refactoring of the datamodel, datastore, and indexer to support attributes on things other than messages, storage, etc.
    • refactored gloda autocomplete code
    • implemented customized XBL autocomplete bindings, for thunderbar awesomeness.
  • chroniquery
    • some enhancements trying to help out bsmedberg; don't think it helped out, but nice features to have at least for my own usage. (find what function calls returned a specific value in a reasonably efficient fashion.)
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Worked on beta 1 blockers:
    • Fixed misparented messages in threads, bug 457052
    • Fixed problems filtering pop3 mail when hidden pref to remove dupes is set, bug 457168
    • Fixed drag drop of folders, bug 456096
    • Found fix for imap undo issues bug 444417
  • Fixed (but not checked in) several imap assertions, including bug 455966,bug 455963
  • Continued work on kill-rdf repository - the backend no longer finds folders via GetResource.
  • Continued work on cross-folder threading - can expand and collapse threads now.
  • Post Auto-Sync bugs and improvements
    • bug 457342: Error handling improvement in auto-sync -- Done
    • bug 547452: Leaking on shutdown problem -- Going to submit a patch
    • bug 457784: autosync_offline_stores pref and offline inbox -- Patch submitted
    • bug 456291: mail.check_new_mail pref integration -- No patch yet
  • Regression testing, debugging, assertions,
    • bug 457079: hdrs for hdrs -- assisted bienvenu
    • bug 444417: undo of delete appears to work, but doesn't -- assisted bienvenu
    • bug 455966: thread-safety assertions -- mostly fixed with other patches
  • New bugs
    • bug 457751: Delete, Rebuild, Undo crash - Filed the bug and tested
    • bug 456839: nsAutoSyncManager needs to expose to cancel -- Researched, no patch yet
  • Beta 1 Dry Run
    • Went okay-ish (ended up with packages/installers for all 3 platforms)
    • I don't have write permissions to mozilla-central, so couldn't tag myself
    • Tagging was almost perfect, with one tiny mistag
    • Tagging is scripted for next time around
    • Not enough disk space on the build boxes for both a nightly and a release
    • buildsymbols on OS X is flacky, but I managed to get a successfull run
    • mar generation is broken on OS X (Error) -- Fixed
    • Got to automate the building a little (and the mozconfigs)
      • Standard8 is looking into it
  • Lightning/gdata
    • Cleanly builds in comm-central/ on all platforms
    • Nightlies are sorted out
  • L10N
    • 27 green locales!
    • Dashboard working great
    • Updating every hour, for lack of a working HgPoller
    • New locales were added
  • Web
    • Staging for spreadthunderbird is up
    • * 40k hits/day on our own hardware
    • Started looking into how easy/hard running SUMO is
  • submitted
    • bug 457136 — drafts saved locally, then pushed remotely
  • worked on
    • bug 457736 — tagging in inline contact editor
    • bug 448716 — prefs UI cleanup
      • bug 451599 — add ui pref for disk cache
      • bug 456869 — add add-ons pref to pref ui
      • bug 456872 — create adv -> display pref tab
      • bug 446291 — Attachments Folder actions badly needs clarification
    • bug 45715 — reply to list button
    • bug 132121 — can't undo shift-delete of msgs
    • bug 315144 — pressing delete on attachment in message
    • remote image loading
      • bug 457296 — separate address list allowed to load remote images
      • bug 363856 — AB should default to have the remote images permission
      • bug 363948 — "...Load Remote Images" always opens New Card dialog

  • will be working on
  • Mainly just been getting Penelope/Eudora 8 prepared for the upcoming beta
  • Web site - Finalized site map and wire frames. Reviewed first round of creative design with TRO. Getting feedback on design from community.
  • Good discussion w/ SUMO team. Moving forward planning/investigation of SUMO 0.7 on *
  • PR planning for beta 1 and European trip.
  • Continued work on tightening up marketing language.