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Thunderbird Meeting Details


Calls For Help

  • davida would appreciate assistance on the autoconfiguration branch. (The awesome create-a-new-account screen where you just enter your e-mail address and it figures out most/all of the details for you.) One particular area that could use assistance is handling certificates in the connection detection logic.

Action Items



  • dmose: drive JS-in-mail discussion - will get together next week at moco
  • davida: will escalate issue of separate messaging crash-stats server
    • Crash-stats is looking reasonable at the moment. Do we still want to do this?
    • We can ask for 100% sampling of Thunderbird on existing crash-test server - gozer will file a bug asking for this.
    • We would like our own server, but it's not as urgent as it was.
  • davida: needs to identify the major work items for thunderbird 3 and break them down by the beta/release they will be in.
    • hoping to do as a group next week.
  • From the Alpha 3 post-mortem (individuals should take your own items and go through them):
    • wsmwk: Need to define what tests (e.g. smoketests/basic functional/unit tests etc) should go where and where they are filed.
    • standard8: Generate some gristmill example scripts, and encourage others to use gristmill and file bugs to help improve it. - still open
    • tb-drivers: Go through current MailNews/TB relnote bugs and work out what is really necessary. - low priority.


  • sipaq: Document details on what should happen before, during and after the string freeze, and the effects on developers at the relevant times.
    • See sipaq's blog
    • Comments welcome.
    • Includes: a description of the responsibilities of developers during a string freeze and when breaking the string freeze
  • wsmwk: Put up tracking meta bug 463057 for issues found during testing of release candidates.

Thunderbird 3 Beta 1

  • bienvenu is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Proposed String freeze date: 2008-11-13
  • Code Freeze date: 2008-11-18
  • davida will identify the must-absolutely-have items for beta 1 (part of the new action item planning what must happen by when)
    • Proposed intermediate target (to prevent everything either landing at the end or missing) for major items: Friday, October 31
      • Gloda
        • Definitely land with the pref turning it off today, 11/4
        • dmose progressing reviews.
      • AutoConfig
        • Definitely land as an additional menu item, not yet replacing account wizard
        • depends on how much time bienvenu has as to if this will make it or not.
      • Kill-RDF
        • SeaMonkey note: need to land ASAP as it may cause problems
        • Currently going through reviews. May or may not make it by the date.
        • non-rdf js folder pane in review, should land this week.
      • Cross-folder views
        • landed last week.
      • dmose has a bunch of message view stuff to land
      • We may want to deal with the self-signed cert issue in general before dealing with auto config.
      • We want to have some visible changes to the folder pane before beta 1
  • testday(s)
    • purpose: solidify functionality & stability for big features/changes
    • testday 1 - pre-freeze - ~ Nov 14. Need testing goals/methods for Gloda and other features
    • testday 2 - post-freeze - ~Nov 20 for items landed last

Thunderbird 3

  • Draft Thunderbird:Thunderbird3:DevRoadmap identifies major work items on the plate for Tb3 -- much of it needs scheduling, owning, breakdown.
    • folks interested in helping with front-end stuff, some simple, should ask in #maildev

QA Updates


davida brought up the idea of having a linux-specific theme instead of windows and linux sharing a default theme.

Status Updates

  • paris
    • 6 press interviews, lots of interest in Thunderbird 3
    • visit with french governmental users, lots of great interest/feedback
    • visit with french software development co. doing lots of Thunderbird & OO.o work
    • hanging out with Mozilla folks at the Paris office, to talk about web l10n in particular:
      • pascalc to coordinate web l10n w/ localizers (& sipaq of course) for Tb3 cycle
      • pages to be checked in to momo svn tree
      • to have landing pages where they already have content, redirecting to momo's website
  • barcelona
    • good feedback on gloda/exptoolbar/timeline demo
    • met w/ a lot of people, including calendar crew.
    • I have promised a bottle of whatever poison is preferred to whoever gets chromebug to work with non-Firefox apps (Tb in particular).
  • code
    • need to polish up OS X tab patch & submit for review
    • Q: what do we want to do about inheriting windows & linux tabs from Fx, given that we have one theme for both OSes?
    • need to integrate my exptoolbar patches w/ the new gloda/exptoolbar stuff. ETA: this week.
  • planning momo workweek next week
  • participated in 2010 Goals: Data discussion
  • switched calendar usage to Lightning; lots of bugfiling
  • more addressbook UUID discussion
  • GloDa testing/review; fighting it out with hg to land the changesets
  • got help on scrolling message header stuff from roc
  • driving
  • discussions related to student involvement in Thunderbird
  • "Old" bug queries, with MailNews and Calendar added, at testday focus -- only 30 TB UNCO non-enh bugs have no comments before TB2 release date.
  • The number was >2,200 when bugdays first started 7.5 months ago, end-March 2008.
  • Reviews
  • Tidied up bloat test documentation and patches (bug 428398), in preparation for moving the bloat boxes to tinderbox
  • Fake servers now have debug for received/sent commands
  • Filed some calendar bugs (bug 462304, bug 462305, bug 462306, bug 462317)
  • Tested calendar with respect to leak, filed bug 462326
  • Played around with doing a harness for startup performance tests (this will help assessment of TB + Lightning, bug 462280
  • bug 462835 Rename address collector in preparation for work on improving address collector (first step will be so it checks across multiple directories).
  • Did the final one-line fix for bug 379070 Remove nsXPIDLCString / nsXPIDLString from mailnews
  • Lots and lots of reviews, which means the activity level is high
  • 3.0b1 driving, including triage of Lightning bugs
  • Landed cross-folder view threading and grouping bug 379806, and a couple follow up fixes. One other patch is awaiting review
  • Carved out just the js non-rdf folder pane parts of the kill-rdf repo and submitted for review
  • Landed other small parts of kill-rdf repo, and carved out other parts for review
  • Worked some on getting the new account setup code to work with existing SMTP servers.
  • Mainly worked on bug 257942 UI of the Activity Manager and error handling.
    • Announced the interface at mda.thunderbird and started to get feedback.
    • is the documentation for Activity Manager interface.
    • Constructing, destructing the binding based on the state attribute cause lifetime problems with XBL. This model used in Download Manager but it is not recommended. We should change it in Activity Manager.
    • Nesting items into richlistitem causes keyboard navigation problems. We should come up with a better solution.
    • Adapting the new error handling mechanism poses challenges. Some progress has been made.
  • Build
    • Leak testing moved to the main Thunderbird Tinderbox Tree
      • Graph Server support is enabled, needs approval bug 461041
    • Sunbird/Calendar
      • Tinderbox is all green, all platforms, all builds.
      • Build boxes got more disk space
      • l10n repacks are hapenning, except for OS X still bug 459402
  • Systems
    • Replaced failed disk on our Thumper, thank you, Sun!
    • Vancouver server up and ready for business
  • barcelona
    • Lots of good feedback and discussion
    • Good discussions about Address Book and Calendar
  • Address Book
    • Worked more on prototype design
  • Search Results / Message
    • Continuing to iterate the current results view
  • Activity Manager
    • Continued discussions around user interactions
  • Message Reader
    • Worked on Reply / Reply All design
    • Finishing up HTML/Javascript demo of design
  • MoMo Work Week
    • Booked flight
  • With some tweaks to Classic Eudora settings importing, we released the final version of Eudora 8 beta 4
  • A standalone version of Penelope can be installed in Tb 3.0a3, although it's recommend to use Penelope along with Eudora 8 for maximum functionality and compatibility.
  • Working on pluggable, scriptable database interface so mork can be replaced by sqlite and other databases.
  • Targeting launch of SpreadThunderbird this week.
  • Gathered feedback for new web site design, very positive.
  • bug 429345 [now awaiting reviews] - indicate account on tab for folder name in tabbed interface (and fix the tab icons)
  • bug 462045 [fixed] - make server.isSecure work for POP/IMAP
  • Some patch-love for abandoned patches, finished bug 235086: add a bit of jitter to the biff-interval


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