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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items


  • rebron: add marketing section along side q/a section



  • davida to look at status meeting agenda due to the drivers meeting that follows later in the morning. -- figured out, but may need tweaking based on driver feedback.

Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

  • clarkbw is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer

Thunderbird 3 Beta 3

Thunderbird 3

QA Updates

  • Top Crashes ordered by assignee
  • Testday on Build1 of TB3.0b2 participation seems low based on the numbers of bugs opened.
  • Build for OpenSuse was present - Announced on planetsuse.
  • Test run results being processed in Litmus coverage almost 100%.
  • Need to better communicate which build to use with the test- runs.
  • Issues with crash stats query - the tools is unusable - making it very difficult to report top crashers to development.
  • Would be nice to have a dummy extension that would install on any version of thunderbird.
  • Same thing would be cool for a theme (but probably less feasible).


Status Updates

  • worked on header theme bugs (fun!)
  • working on bug 454829
  • thinking about poptarts
  • random non-Tb stuff.
  • drove JS-in-mail patches into the tree
  • finished localizedRe tests
  • calendar discussions
  • lots of tb3 bug triage
  • drafted tb3 driving plan (User_talk:Dmose:Tb3_Driving_Scratchpad)
  • various reviews
  • talked to humph about bringing up comm-central instance of dxr
  • bug 479206 - Successfully found regression window.
    • Crash [@ construct_addresslist] when entering an invalid email address
  • bug 475257 - tried to reproduce.
    • Thunderbird discards offline messages (including changes not yet synced) and re-downloads
  • bug 479756 - Successfully completed.
    • Create a dummy extension with a very high maxVersion

Personas now on Thunderbird - by yaoquan (yq on IRC) - student from NUS


Now starting to ramp up on work again.

  • Reviews
  • bug 479705 and others - fixed slow script warnings on bloat tests (to match FF).
  • bug 479206 Crash [@ construct_addresslist] when entering an invalid email address.
  • bug 479844 Consolidate checking for messages to send later into one function.
  • Starting to look at writing send in background policy code for bug 440794

Two week goals:

  • Reduce review backlog to zero
  • bug 450134 - Autocomplete perf improvement (inc restore autocomplete on other email addresses).
  • bug 440794 - Implement policy for sending in background, pref off to begin with.
  • bug 457296 - Design interfaces for a separate service (i.e. not directly linked to address book) to determine allowing remote images to load or not.
  • Reviews and driving
  • Fixed handling of default archive folder for deferred pop3 accounts, bug 476218
  • Fixed undo of move/delete/archive of pop3 msgs, date was set to 0 bug 479163
  • make nsIMsgDBView more scriptable bug 479283
  • bug 472988 - thread pane loses saved search's folder location column when switching tabs
  • Fixed regression in pre-populating imap/pop3 password dialogs with previously sent password, bug 121647
  • Fixed IMAP hang w/ thread contention when trying to close connections, bug 476960
  • Started getting back into auto config code
  • Looked at app idle patch for autosync

Next week

  • Come up with a plan for auto config, file bugs, and start executing.
  • Triage b3 blockers and add status whiteboard entry for UI bugs.
  • Get patch for using STATUS for autosync into reviewable state
  • Build
    • Thunderbird 3 Beta 2
      • Build1 & Build2 completed
    • Crash-stats now understands comm-central bug 452866
    • Buildbot instability battle continues bug 476677 and bug 476649
  • Web
    • Kinkora merged to trunk
    • AUS trunk Server seeing good uptake (40 different IPs have downloaded partial MARs so far), no bugs reported.
  • Infrastructure
    • More RAM in our XServe!
    • Faster OS X Builders
    • Working on OS X 10.5 refplatform/builder
  • Sick... Bleh...
  • driving work
  • design notes on bug 45715 about reply list button
  • ui-review for various theme bugs
  • Working on attachment splitting, and have it working as a default action when double-clicking on attachments
philipp / Calendar
  • Website on target for launch on Thursday w/ Tb 3 beta 2. Pages and new work are now being done on trunk.
  • prepared Test runs and test day
  • Walked through all open Thunderbird/security bugs
  • Got some publicity with OpenSuse builds - no visible effect :-(
  • Will probably attend MozCamp/Utrecht
  • Two week goals :
    • get a better grip at litmus
    • Try to communicate more effectively
    • explain what and why QA is important - to try to get w few more people onboard
    • Plan tb3.0b3 testing