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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items




  • rebron: add marketing section along side q/a section

Thunderbird 3 Beta 2


Post Mortem Notes

Thunderbird 3 Beta 3

Thunderbird 3

  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don't want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.
  • Trying to put together a schedule that will land features every week or two. dmose will be putting a plan together.

QA Updates

  • Need better visibility on upcoming features in order to plan testing.
  • Working on getting more people to come testing.
    • Trying one query instead of 10.
    • This weeks testday: [1]
  • Last test day better than previous one.
  • Crash-stats seems to be usable - very responsive due to added db indexes.
  • Top Crashes ordered by assignee may need some triage

Marketing Updates

  • Good launch of Tb3 beta 2 and new web site. About 35k beta 2 users. Got positive feedback on the web site.
  • Working on next round of updates for the web site.
  • Participating with the overall Mozilla Community marketing efforts which is picking up steam.
  • Focus on the next few weeks is working on getting add-ons upgraded and supported from a marketing perspective.


  • Concerned about extra FF beta and effect on TB. Thinking about TB shipping before gecko 1.9.1 if it is possible.
  • We should soon have a person hired full-time to work on Thunderbird icons etc.
  • Timing for feature lock down?
    • looking at working it out in the next couple of days
    • possibly branch in approx 3 weeks, but may also be better to do as late as possible.
    • in general, reviewers will focus on reviewing blocking bugs, so other stuff will move out more. But helps to get releases out the door.
  • What's happening with Calendar, following the announcements?
    • calendar still isn't working on b2? (works for Standard8, they have been doing ongoing fixes).
    • what's the plan to make it move forward?
      • we are trying to figure it out
      • calendar team are looking to get a release of Lightning out on Beta 2 in the next few weeks.
      • Also looking to get a release out in sync with TB release.
      • Plan isn't nailed down.
    • Announcements has helped some people to come forward.

Status Updates

  • a lot of non-TB stuff (recruiting, talking to industry folks, etc.)
  • some driving


  • move ahead on bug 436555
  • figure out plan for poptarts w/ Standard8
  • Last week
    • lots Tb3/3.0b3-driving work
    • misc reviews
    • fixed debug mode crash bug 479906
    • worked improving message header (more) widget bug 480073
    • high-level project health discussions
  • Goals for this week
    • get basic Tb3 and 3.0b3 schedules drafted
    • 1 hr per day code review
    • finish message-header (more) patch bug 480073
    • draft SF space plan
  • Bugdays, QA, triage etc.
  • bug 479989 - Successful QA.
    • Input response time of "hide details" and "other actions" buttons is inappropriately impacted by size of recipient list
  • JS: Extensive flux still going on in main platform JS code, notably heavyweight patch bug 452498, finding testcases there often.
  • Reviews
  • Fixed bug 405762 Remove the phonetic fields from vcard editing as they aren't valid for vcards.
  • Fixed bug 480127 about:rights info bar should use "open source software" not "open software".
  • Fixed bug 479982 Adding a vcard from an email does not work.
  • Fixed Core bug 480324 Link state detection on Mac OS X not always working (offline, auto detect) - waiting a few days before nominating for 1.9.1.
  • Spent some time debugging going offline and downloading messages (bug 471695

Two week goals:

  • Reduce review backlog to zero
  • bug 450134 - Autocomplete perf improvement (inc restore autocomplete on other email addresses).
    • Proposed a patch for this, got review comments, need to improve.
  • bug 440794 - Implement policy for sending in background, pref off to begin with.
  • bug 457296 - Design interfaces for a separate service (i.e. not directly linked to address book) to determine allowing remote images to load or not.
  • work continues on gloda-search, hope to have a revised implementation that uses heuristics to assign a score to each message (rather than binning it by simply matching on contact, subject, body, or attachment name)
  • gloda i18n indexing correctness patch up for review (the problem is in the emitter/js emitter subsystem), but it will probably be a while before I get to the tokenizer problems.
  • once gloda-search lands, there is a bunch of performance work to still do; Wayne and others are experiencing memory use explosions that we need to understand and address.
  • Reviews and driving/bug triage
  • trying to get review queue under control
  • Fixed several issues in the auto config repo (verifyLogon with cert exceptions, username guessing had regressed, etc), and landed all but one of the backend changes on the trunk - bug 480026.
  • Fixed crash on startup in nsMsgIdentity::getFolderPref, bug 480556
  • Fixed expanding imap folders when not using subscription by sending a performExpand notification bug 472129
  • Fixed bug 439108, maintain copy of offline imap message when move/copying a message.
  • Fixed crash when server gives us empty alert message, bug 479927
  • Fixed bug 481065 - local folder db's opened unnecessarily on startup
  • Put up patch for review for using IMAP STATUS in IMAP auto sync bug 428266

Plan for next week

  • Figure out plan for autoconfig with Bryan and DavidA
  • work on App Idle for auto sync.
  • Pick up smart folders work again
  • work on miscellaneous b3 blockers.
  • Build
    • Launched Thunderbird 3 Beta 2!
    • Mac OS X trunk dep/nightly builds
    • Mac OS X Builders now pooled
    • Try server (in progress)
    • Clobberer server (in progress)
  • Web
    • Launched the new website, looking great!
    • Redirecting lots of traffic from
      • Saw > 1,000,000 hits in the last 24 hours
      • > 80k visits in the last 24 hours
      • > 40k unique visits to the 3.0b2 Start page in the last 96 hours
  • Infrastructure
    • Crash tested failure of one of our front-facing nodes, no noticeable downtime.
    • Starting to push out real traffic now, no significant issues. (>3Mbit/s)
    • Need some sort of analytics process for all this yummy log goodness.
  • Still recovering from the sick... bleh
  • post-mortem tomorrow
  • catching up on bugs & ui reviews
  • linux/mac icons & theme stuff
  • crash, threading/missing messages, filter and profile bugs
  • pushed on crash-stats and litmus issues
    • crash-status is much improved
  • Fixed bug 480899 where the auto-save attachments folder pref wasn't being used
  • In the process of syncing to TB 3.0 beta 2 sources
  • back-end work, soft tagging (looking at adding it into rss & news).
  • prepared test day
  • Walked through all open printing bugs
  • Will attend the end of MozCamp/Utrecht
  • Working on Tb3b3 plan.
  • Two week goals :
    • Try to communicate more effectively
    • explain what and why QA is important - to try to get w few more people onboard
    • Plan tb3.0b3 testing


  • davida, dmose, Standard8, bienvenu, asuth, gozer, clarkbw, wsmwk, beckley, rkent, rebron, Tsk