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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Autoconfig process
    • Webapp currently being tested to fix some initial problems, will open up for broader testing soon, i.e., move the webapp to a place where more people can access it.


Thunderbird 3 Beta 4

  • Freeze Dates:
    • Slushy Code Freeze: Monday 7th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • Full String Freeze: Wed 9th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • Code Freeze: Friday 11th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • l10n Complete: Monday 14th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • Release builds start: Tues 15th Sept.
  • Release Driver: Standard8
  • Build Engineer: gozer

Thunderbird 3

  • Schedule (proposed, may change nearer b4):
    • Final l10n String Freeze: Tuesday 29th Sept 23:59 PST
    • Approvals/Blockers only: from Tuesday 6th October 23:59 PST
    • Aiming to start RC1 builds on: 3rd Nov.
    • Subsequent RCs as necessary.
  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don't want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.

QA Updates

  • Working with the Moco Folks on the releases.
  • Cleaning up bugzilla went well even without a formal bugday.
  • Schedule for the upcoming weeks (for b4 release):
    • Regular bug days on 20/08/2009, 27/08/2009, 03/09/2009 If you want these to become special test days let me know
    • Test day on 10/09/2009 for new features in b4
    • Litmus test run starting 16/09/2009 (Planned BFT)
  • Thank you Gary - gary no longer an intern.

  • Post b4 we'll have a migrate from 2.0.x day

Marketing Updates

  • Press coverage: Outlook for Mac Office, Top Webmail Providers
  • I have iteration 7 of the logo ready to post. Minor tweaks from last version, working on small icons and will post those soon.
  • Revising marketing calendar for launch.
  • Mozilla Service workshop tomorrow August 19th at 9 a.m. PDT/16:00, +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369# and then 7391#

IT update

  • All Hands
  • All new hires (and some old ones) sorted out
  • Thunderbird Beta 3 uptake still rising, reached over 20,000 visitors
  • Thunderbird


  • last week: all-hands
  • STEEL docs (w. help from Standard8)
  • re-write tutorial


Status Updates

  • Landed bug 501516 dealing with search windows.
  • Worked on bug 507593.
  • Won't be available through this week and the next.

on vacation

  • Last week
    • work
    • Driving
    • MoMo all-hands meetings in Vancouver
  • This week
    • Driving
    • Message header work
  • Reviews & Driving
  • All-hands discussions
  • bug 486432 Provide Help menu item to get back to what's new tab
  • bug 498343 Account Central gives unread and total counts in status bar (shows -1 for accounts), also hide counts for non-folder type tabs
  • Various packaging synchronisations for trunk
  • Content Tabs:
    • bug 510312 Notification Bars
    • Also looked at including satchel (for password form fill), and further work on enabling limited browsing.
  • All hands meeting in Vancouver
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Got some old bugs off my bug list, either by closing them or assigning them to nobody - cut list by > 10% - it's a start.
  • Ignore virtual and no select folders when compacting all imap folders, bug 510645
  • Close db's when desktop search integration code is done looking for messages to index, cuts down on memory bloat when that feature is enabled bug 462539
  • Fix handling of saved searches over new messages when msgs are moved/deleted, bug 372372
  • Add backend for offline imap store date constraints, with unit test bug 482476
  • Fix memory leak doing imap moves in filters, bug 507285
  • Fix crash in going online after emptying imap trash, bug 480990
  • Make imap auto sync wait until the 3-pane ui has come up to start paying attention to idle events, bug 509991
  • Last week
    • All hands
    • Work on
    • l10n-merge fixes, running everywhere
    • Working on Windows e-mail testing services
  • All Hands Meeting - Vancouver
  • ui-reviews
  • crashes:
    • TB2
      • nominated for bug 284876 Trunk TB10 crash while sending mail [@ nsMsgLocalMailFolder::WriteStartOfNewMessage() ]
      • but otherwise TB20022 crash rate is quite low and thus probably not worth monitoring further
    • TB3 - reviewed all top crashers so all have bugs and are marked blocking, removed nominations for bugs that are no longer topcrash
  • All hands
  • Bug 368924 Scam list can be hooked up now.

This week

  • Working through PR and launch plan task list.
  • Getting web site updates ready for launch/localization.
  • Last week
    • All hands
    • Work on
  • This week
    • work on
    • Usual weekly work
  • Last week:
    • All hands
    • gnomestripe and qute-aero bug fixes.

Last two weeks:

This week:


Last week:

  • all hands
  • support plan presentation

This week:

  • More Support Get Satisfaction catchup of the current 294 topics
  • Get Satisfaction widgets on the main support page
  • Start moving support content to
  • Start writing formal support plan for Thunderbird 3 Beta 4 and Thunderbird 3 release in light of all hands and new dates