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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Autoconfig process
    • Webapp currently being tested to fix some initial problems, will open up for broader testing soon, i.e., move the webapp to a place where more people can access it.


Thunderbird 3 Beta 4

  • Note: SeaMonkey requests that mailnews/ and suite/ strings are frozen between Thursday 27th August 23:59 PST and Tuesday 2nd September for their 2.0b2 release.
    • Standard8 has checked [has l10n impact] bugs - all appear to be specific TB strings only.
    • If you need to land strings bugs during that period and are unsure what to do, check with Standard8.
  • Freeze Dates:
    • Slushy Code Freeze: Monday 7th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • Full String Freeze: Wed 9th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • Code Freeze: Friday 11th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • l10n Complete: Monday 14th Sept 23:59 PDT.
    • Release builds start: Tues 15th Sept.
  • Release Driver: Standard8
  • Build Engineer: gozer

Thunderbird 3

  • Schedule (proposed, may change nearer b4):
    • Final l10n String Freeze: Tuesday 29th Sept 23:59 PST
    • Approvals/Blockers only: from Tuesday 6th October 23:59 PST
    • Aiming to start RC1 builds on: 3rd Nov.
    • Subsequent RCs as necessary.
  • Please set bugs to assigned status (as well as owner to you) if you want to do them.
  • If you have other bugs assigned to you that you don't want to do, please reassign or discuss with drivers.

QA Updates

  • is out !
  • Continuing work on cleaning up bugzilla
  • We will start presenting the people doing some of the QA to the public in september
  • Need to start getting new people on board between b4 and final

Marketing Updates

  • Final Icon iteration Last chance for feedback. Will get smaller sizes this week and wrap it up.
  • Top articles this week Will be publishing these via SpreadThunderbird going forward.
  • Coordinating launch activities with PR team.

IT update

  • Windows: Microsoft Exchange 2007 up and running for testing
    • Add your details to bug 511878 if you want access
  • had reliability issues last week bug 511258
    • Lots of spurious bustage as a result
    • The bug is closed, but we are still seeing intermittent issues
  • Thunderbird went live on



See graphic below for stats Tuesday August 18, 2009 to Monday August 24, 2009, will provide more commentary and pull out selected stats for September 1, 2009 meeting. Tue18-Mon24Aug2009 - Community stats for Mozilla Messaging.jpg


Status Updates

  • last week
    • vacation
  • this week
    • driving
    • blogging
  • last week
    • driving
    • message header coding
    • started working on review backlog
  • this week
    • message header coding
    • reviews
    • sec meeting plan
  • Reviews & Driving
  • Find & Zoom
    • bug 510760 Fix find in new message not working on message tabs when preview pane not shown.
    • bug 495922 Implement zoom on collapsed threads and summary pane (and fix zoom not working on message tabs when preview pane not shown).
  • Content Tabs
    • bug 503299 window.close() from a content tab closes Thunderbird window.
    • bug 512245 Implement tab persist for content tabs.
  • LDAP Autoconfig (bug 502597)
    • Found a simpler solution of moving some files into the LDAP code base. Need to chat with dmose about this solution.
  • Misc
    • bug 491921 Fixed up the mozmill js content policy test - still need to do tests for the other content policies.
    • bug 508694 Don't show the summary pages for newsgroups as we don't get useful summary text (we'll turn it back on for offline newsgroups once we get bug 478167).
    • bug 511847 [autoconfig] Setting invalid hostname then correcting can lead to -1 being displayed in insecure notices.
  • Facet for gloda, patch in a "couple" of days.
  • Reviews and Driving
  • Trying to setup environment to test SSPI crash
  • Potential fix for top crash in nsMsgDBView::FindHdr bug 503854
  • Don't create duplicate Archives folder if there's an existing archive folder (i.e., folder with a different case name), bug 484329
  • Fixed indentation level for threaded quick search views, bug 505967
  • Ignore folder deleted notifications if the account/server was removed, bug 500970
  • Fixed imap undo from gmail trash, and when the source folder has been expunged, and add unit test,bug 323875
  • Add null check to fix crash in nsImapMailFolder::RenameClient, bug 486485
  • Fixed gloda indexing stopping when some other activity clears the msg folder's cached db, and add a test case bug 511609
  • fix bug 505974, crash in OnItemRemoved deleting a local folder with saved search sub-folders
  • Fixed localized special imap folders when creating account with new auto config wizard,bug 508026
  • Build
    • Signing
      • Completed dry-run of signing automation successfully
    • Release automation
      • Initial testing looks very promising
      • Will be running live release tests in staging this week
    • had reliability issues last week bug 511258
      • Lots of spurious bustage as a result
      • The bug is closed, but we are still seeing intermittent issues
      • l10n repacks suffered too as a result (busted checkouts/clones)
  • Web
  • Infrastructure
    • Setup initial Windows test farm
      • Domain Controller
      • Microsoft Exchange 2007

I've got one risky patch still in review (bug 127250 "Body" filter for IMAP messages downloaded for offline use) that drivers may want to examine, as this patch needs to land a least a week before any code freeze due to its risk. Postponing until 3.1 would not break my heart, but it would increase the total work involved. I've got another few bugs in review that I am less concerned about though are important to me, including:

  • bug 496015, which adds the final hooks needed for minimal junk support in news.
  • bug 511131, which exposes the full search capability to users in the advanced search dialog.

I'll still be cleaning up issues as I find them in the areas that I work in plus helping out a little in blockers, but otherwise a lot of my attention will be shifting to getting my extensions re-released, which mostly serve as demonstrations of new back-end features of TB. I'm also starting to organize collections of junk mail in preparation to support a shared junk file using the features of bug 506397 "Support multiple spam corpus files".

  • Coordinating with PR team for launch activities.
    • Task list, web site content updates, product demo, reviewer's guide.
  • Wrapping up icon, starting discussions on swag/promo materials for launch.


  • testing for release
  • QA event


  • Working on upcoming test day
  • start trying to get a few more people on board.
  • This week
    • Continue Unclutter gnomestripe bug 505721
    • Gloda faceting look & feel
    • More Vista fixes now that a bunch got into trunk.
    • Look into account sizes some more bug 416263

Last week:

This week:


Last Week:

  • integrated Get Satisfaction (GS) widgets into support page, awaiting Silver Orange design tweaks before pushing live
  • support backlog on GS, managed to do about 5-10 per day
  • 1st GS day, August 20, wrote README to help new folks

This Week:

  • move support content from to
  • more GS backlog reduction
  • more GS How Tos including editing README, tagging convention
  • formal support plan


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