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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items




Friends of the Tree

Thunderbird 3.1 (Lanikai)

Lanikai Alpha 1


Not much in 3.1a1, because it hasn't been driven much. I've posted a message proposing that, in the interest of getting in the habit of doing regular releases, we proceed with the following schedule anyway:

  • String/code freeze date: 2010-01-12 (Tuesday)
  • Branch Gecko, cut hackbranch, land async changes: 2010-01-13 (Wednesday)
  • l10n-mozilla-1.9.2 freeze date: 2010-01-18 (Monday)
  • Build/relbranch date: 2010-01-19 (Tuesday)
  • Ship date: 2010-02-03 (Wednesday)

Are there reasons not to go forward with this?

Lists of Bugs

Thunderbird 3.0.x Developer Update


  • Builds started.
  • Beta Period Starts: January 13
  • Estimated Release Date: January 20
  • Fixed 3.0.1: 77 (+34)
    • 57 actual fixes, the remaining 19 were bugs that landed on the relbranch for 3.0 as well as for 3.0.1.
    • need verification: 40 (-3)


QA Updates

  • Started verifying 3.0.1 Fixed bugs.
    • more bugs to verify
    • some bugs are difficult to verify pre-release
  • smoke testing unsigned builds for 3.0.1 is green on Windows and Mac OS.

Coming up:

  • This week we'll host a Triage event - new comers are always welcomed.
  • We'll monitor feedback in bugzilla and gs on 3.0.1 during the beta stage.
  • and follow release activities
  • Next week focus will shift to 3.1a1
  • Once 3.0.1 is out The plan is to host a second upgrade from 2.x day - to find and fish out issues not fixed in 3.0.1

status bug summary # crash /week
Needs verification pending 3.0.1 bug 505717 EscapeFromSpaceLine(nsIOutputStream*, char*, char const*) 1182
Wanted 1.9.1 - some progress bug 519962 nsPrefBranch::freeObserverList() | nsPrefBranch::Observe(nsISupports*, char const*, unsigned short const*) 953
No signature bug
Assigned - Not testcase bug 536960 sqlite3DbMallocRaw 834
Unassigned - no progress bug 505016 nsXPCWrappedJS::QueryInterface(nsID const&, void**) 777

Marketing Updates

IT update



  • sumomo: keyboard shortcuts bug 530123
  • sumomo: bug 521665 (tweak search KB article)
  • sumomo: new in TB 3 bug 530122
  • analysis of Sumomo as a platform; comparison to deki wiki (provided to Roland)
  • sumomo: autoconfig KB page
  • itemize gmail help pages that need to be updated for TB3 (sent to Rafael)

TODO / In Progress

  • sumomo: manually configuring accounts bug 530122
  • sumomo: sending and receiving bug 530122
  • sumomo: migration assistant bug 530135
  • MozillaZine material / cooperation


  1. Draft Support Workflow Document - Updated with GS Triage section <-- Again, feedback please! Edit the page, etc.
  2. The GS topics that were triaged at the January 11, 2010 meeting
  3. Issues to be reviewed at the next GS Triage meeting scheduled for January 18, 2010 - Please tag topics "review" if you think they need to be reviewed because they cause customer pain
  4. SUMO for MoMo aka SuMoMo - SuMoMo project plan
    1. theming live on
    2. since SuMoMo uses SSL, waiting for GS to give us GS search widget code that we can put on the sidebar that works with SSL, expected a fix before Christmas (not rocket science since since all the GS widgets except the Satisfaction Search widget that we are using allow SSL, followed up with GS developer January 4) - still no update - expected tonight 12jan2010, hopefully won't have to implement workaround which is to not serve up non SSL Satisfaction Search Widgets to IE 6,7 and 8 users, instead serve just a simple link
    3. content - hoping to get some more of JenZed's time and other contributors to finish this week:
      1. Priority 1 - if edits and drafts from JenZed are done and contributor start and finishes Thunderbird 3 for Windows 7 users, then we will be done this week!
      2. Priority 2 - if edits and drafts from JenZed are done and contributor starts and finishes Moving from Thunderbird 2 to 3 - 530133, then we will be done this week!
  5. Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    1. approximately 85/ day (601/7 back to normal Thunderbird 3.0 levels after the holidays), # of visitors 333,000 seems a like a bug since it's an order of magnitude higher than 30000, will followup with GS)
    2. total new topics:601 total replies:1423 from employees and champions: 213 back to normal! (NonMoMo:104 from Chris Ramsden aka Xenos (thanks! and belated Welcome!), 47 FROM Michael Pasek (thanks and belated welcome!), 1 from Kent (Thanks!),31 from Wayne (thanks!) MoMo: 77 from Roland, 57 by Bienvenu (thanks), 9 from Andreas (thanks), 5 from Blake (thanks!), 2 from ClarkBW (thanks), 2 from Ludo (thanks), 9 from Mark Banner (thanks) (Ruby Code)
      1. date:20100105 #new support topics:92 resolved:27
      2. date:20100106 #new support topics:92 resolved:21
      3. date:20100107 #new support topics:78 resolved:22
      4. date:20100108 #new support topics:95 resolved:12
      5. date:20100109 #new support topics:56 resolved:19
      6. date:20100110 #new support topics:47 resolved:3
      7. date:20100111 #new support topics:74 resolved:14

05-11January 2010 - Community stats for Mozilla Messaging.png

Lightning Updates

  • lightning was uploaded to AMO
  • Google Provider will follow this evening
  • Sunbird still waiting for l10n
  • Release blog post alsi comming up


Status Updates

  • Last week
    • Got back from vacation
    • Found and worked with support folks on email bug in GetSat messages
    • Started getting caught up
    • Got sick
    • Reviewed and landed 3.0.1 extension menu patch
    • Fixed 3.0.1 toolbar overflow bug
    • Drafted and floated automated testing announcement
    • 3.1a1 driving
  • This week
    • Goals work in Vancouver
    • 3.1a1 driving
    • Catch up on board minutes
  • 3.0.1 driving, bug fixes, reviews and pushing to being release.
  • Updated checklists following comments from drivers.
  • Testing Infrastructure component now set up.
  • Fixed some l10n issues on trunk & Lanikai branch.
  • reviews & driving
  • Landed a bunch of fixes for 3.01
  • fix bug 534835, when fetching whole imap message, use the literal size as the message size in case the server gets the rfc822.size wrong consistently, to avoid refetching the same message over and over again.
  • try to recover data downloaded to local folders-1 account by 3.0 upgrade from 2.0, bug 538414.
  • Fixed bug 382298 Forwarded icon not shown up in IMAP account
  • Fixed bug 533865, doing quick search in saved search/smart folder clears cached results.
  • Fixed imap unread counts with condstore servers, bug 517461
  • Fixed bug 534382, tb 2 profiles with multiple local folder accounts get one of them turned into smart mailboxes, which messes up pop3 download, remove code that cause problem, and fix deferral to point back to local folders.
  • Don't do quick searches or views online unless we have to, bug 537820

Back from offline vacation

  • Catching up on e-mail
  • Thunderbird 3.0.1 build
  • catching up on ui-reviews
  • netbook designs
  • shepherding #1 crash bug 519962 - startup crash [@ nsPrefBranch::Observe ... - which is making progress, but far from being fixed.
  • shepherding IME crash bug 537828 - crash [@ nsAString_internal::Assign ... - which seems close to being fixed thanks largely to masayuk and fehe
  • continued focus on hang, perf and crashes in bugs, gsfn and fora
  • worked part of the verify list for 3.0.1 fixed
  • Eudora 8b8 released
  • Next beta will try to get gloda integration with Search Messages window


  • Built and released SeaMonkey 2.0.2 (Gecko and only a fix for a mail compose freeze on top of SM 2.0.1)
  • Created a patch for a CC* release bustage in buildbotcustom (bug 537913)
  • Fixed bug 537481 (not including dictionaries in SeaMonkey langpacks)
  • Started using Mozilla Status Board to give it a try


  • Figure out what the Gecko roadmap really is for 2010 and propose a SeaMonkey 2.1 roadmap
  • Figure out SQL for getting Mozilla graphs server to accept our data (bug 492406)
  • Move release automation to chatzilla-from-hg (bug 537461)
  • Get in touch with kaze again to talk about KompoZer cooperation once more



  • Tb 3.0.1 pages, finish up. bug 538973
    * Snippet localization
    * Add-on contest spec out.
    * sumomo article bug 530116

Done :

  • reading bugmail
  • bug triage day
  • 3.0.1 testing
  • started collected software vendors to contact for releases.


  • more 3.0.1 testing
  • 3.1a1 preparation.



  • Personas in Thunderbird bug 538335
  • collapse the toolbar on an ugly manner on OS X bug 533342
  • simpler windows icons bug 539128
  • return receipt should be processed after the message has loaded bug 151244
  • hardcoded colors invisible with some gtk themes bug 469300



  • Bug DavidA to review some ISPDB patches.
  • More work on the netbook and reply-mode-toggle addons.
  • Help the students dig into their bugs in the Code Sprint.
  • Fixed MailNews Core bugs:
    • bug 536404 When composing an S/MIME encrypted email, no padlock is shown at bottom right of window
    • bug 537874 Port bug 528263 and bug 529441 to comm-central
    • bug 538745 Port |Bug 532645 - Upgrade libpng to version 1.4.0| to comm-central