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Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page


  • Who's taking minutes? --> mconley
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to Standard8 for schedule changes/additions.
  • Note: this meeting is for interactive discussion. Feel free to ask questions!

Action Items

Friends of the Tree

Thanks to our Friend of the Tree. When adding someone to this section, please get their T-Shirt size, phone number (needed for shipping!) and send it to that she can send them a shirt!

Thunderbird Development

For more details, see also the driver meeting notes.

Feature Work

Test Pilot
  • We're waiting for a few patches to land, and then we're going to launch a survey
Tabs on Top
  • Some late bugs are being tracked for tabs on top (bug 728309 and bug 719008). We're going to try to land these for 11.
Big Files
  • Currently on-track to hit our second milestone (see the Feature Page for the milestone breakdown)

Schedule and Progress

  • Dealt with chemspill releases last week, releasing 10.0.2, 10.0.2esr & 3.1.19 by last Friday.
Thunderbird 11
  • Released a beta last week, preparing for another beta this week.
Thunderbird 12
Thunderbird 13
Thunderbird 3.1.x & ESR
  • Currently altering the esr flags to match Firefox, once this is done more information coming on how we're tracking esr releases.

Extension of the week

  • wwwtran will let you translate messages on the fly using webservices.

QA Updates

Marketing Updates

  • Working on the "Tip of the week" program
  • Hoping to release somewhere between TB 11 and 12
  • Looking to release a list of solution providers for the enterprise, which will end up on the wiki.

Infrastructure Update

  • Self-cert for MoMo got renewed/replaced, so some warnings popped up
  • Working on the move to the new data center
  • The MoMo intranet was migrated into the MoCo intranet.

Build / Release Update

  • Thunderbird 10.0.2, 10.0.2esr, 11.0 beta 2 build 2, 3.1.19 released
  • Some progress made on Bug 698843 - Build Thunderbird on Firefox infrastructure
  • Rail from the Firefox rel-eng team has been given access to the TB build infrastructure, so we'll have another hand to help with releases!

Web Update

  • fixed a couple website bugs, like bug bug 726478
  • working on AOL support, ran into a blocker but Mercel fixed it relatively quickly
  • Also working on update our release notes to the new-Firefox style in bug 727975



(If you support Thunderbird or write or translate documentation to help support Thunderbird, please subscribe to the tb-support-crew mailing list and briefly introduce yourself to the list

  1. 855 new support topics (807 one week ago with the stats bug with 1 day missing) - Media:13-19Feb2012-Community_stats_for_Mozilla_Messaging.png
  2. Thunderbird 10 Support Issues - Please edit and add any issues or bugs found in TB10 and tag them tb10
  3. See this week's Support Appendix for full Get Satisfaction metrics and other support details
  4. Thanks again to Thomas Düllmann for his keyboard shortcuts work

Lightning Updates

  • 1.3b2 is being released asap (today) to fix an issue with the edit/delete button being disabled.
  • We have 6 students from the university of Singapore working on calendar bugs.
  • We have two Summer of Code Projects up, I will be mentoring one and Ludovic from Inverse will likely be mentoring the other one.

Status Updates

See the Mozilla Status Board for status updates specific to developers.

Roundtable Highlights