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Before filing a Support Request

Read the README first please!

How do I help support Thunderbird users on Get Satisfaction?

First, thanks! Since there is no paid or fax or email or phone support for Thunderbird, only by users supporting TB users can the community hope to be able to support free and open source software like Thunderbird

Get Satisfaction Days

Informal Meeting Minutes

Notes from irregular, informal meetings for the initial deployment of Get Satisfaction for Thunderbird which started in July 2009

Support Processes

Initial informal support processes for Get Satisfaction.


gathered on a weekly basis and based on the metrics gathered by the team for its forums using this code:


  1. average # of new support topics per day
  2. total # new topics
  3. total # replies, total # answers
    1. replies by MoMo Staff
    2. replies by established Community Support members (e.g. those with with official rep status in GS, i.e. Tom, TMZ, etc)
    3. replies by new folks helping out
  4. new users
  5. new users contributing answers
  6. happiness metric: # total number of replies flagged as happy that come from non staffers percentage that are happy i.e. #happy/#replies