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Title - Cannot Send email with gmail using Thunderbird 3.0

Email configuration and provider -

  1. OS and Thunderbird version - e.g. Thunderbird 3.0 on Windows 7
  2. Mail Service Provider: your mail provider e.g. GMAIL
  3. Mail Protocol: your protocol e.g. IMAP or POP
  4. Mail Server Settings: e.g.INCOMING: server, port: 995,, Use Secure Connection: SSL, Leave messages on Server:checked OUTGOING: Server Name: Port:587,, Secure Connection: STARTTLS
  5. Internet Service Provider: e.g. Comcast (often ISPs will block email from other Mail Providers unless correctly configured e.g. Comcast could block Yahoo Mail on port 25 and require you to use another port e.g. 587)
  6. Add-ons/Extensions: your extensions e.g. Mail Tweak extension nothing else
  7. Antivirus and Firewall software: e.g. McAfee 4.9, Kaspersky 3.5, Avast 4.8

What I did:

  1. you did this first
  2. you did this second

What Happened:

  1. you did this e.g. Email was not SENT, error message was "wonderful Thunderbird email message"

What I expected:

  1. you expected this e.g. Email to be sent