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  • Start: 2009-09-17 09:30
  • End: 2009-09-17 17:00
  • Timezone: America/Vancouver (UTC -7 hours)

Special Bonus Mozilla Service Week Event in Vancouver


Since it's Mozilla Service Week, we are going to have a live, in real life event from 2-5:30p.m. at Agentic at 611 Alexander Street in Vancouver's historical Gastown district for those who are in the Metro Vancouver area in BC, Canada and who are interested in Open Source (doesn't have to be Thunderbird, could be Firefox, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Python, Ruby, Linux, you name it, there's always something to learn!). C'mon down, love to meet you!

Full details about the real life event:

Our normal Get Satisfaction Event

We're holding a Get Satisfaction (GS) day on Thursday September 17th for people interested in helping Thunderbird users on GS. Roland Tanglao, tech support lead for Mozilla Messaging will be available to answer questions on Get Satisfaction including: in general how to use Get Satisfaction, and specifically questions on tagging, merging and just generally chat about support on GS via IRC chat on #thunderbird (general support questions) and #gsfn (questions about Get Satisfaction and how to use it for Thunderbird support) both on irc.mozilla.org. If you don't have an IRC client installed, then try this web client:

If you're interested, come on by anytime between 9:30AM to 5PM PDT this Thursday September 17, 2009!

How do I get ready?

Join Get Satisfaction

Two choices:

  1. create a Get Satisfaction ID here (if you don't have already have an id on GS): http://getsatisfaction.com/people/new OR
  2. Login using your Windows Live or OpenID here: http://getsatisfaction.com/session/new

Check out the Thunderbird Support Topics

Once you are logged in, you can start helping others out and learning about GS at: http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging

Read the documentation

We don't have much yet (perhaps you can help with documentation?), please start with

  1. Thunderbird Get Satisfaction README/1 Pager
  2. Tagging Convention

This is what we're doing...

We're getting closer and closer to releasing Thunderbird 3 Beta 4 and even more exciting Thunderbird 3 And there are lots of Thunderbird questions in Get Satisfaction at http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging that haven't been answered. We'd like to answer as many as we can before Thunderbird 3 comes out and get as many of community members helping out on GS as possible now so that we can be ready for Thunderbird 3.

Here's some of the things we're planning on doing throughout the day:

  • General tips and tricks on using GS
  • How to tag in GS - add keywords so others can find this topic later
  • How to merge topics in GS
  • Working on the Current Support Backlog (see next section)

Current Support Backlog

It would be great if the following old topics could be looked at and answered today:

  1. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/why_cant_i_retrieve_my_mail
  2. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/problems_typing_emails
  3. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/incorrect_indexing_in_history
  4. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/email_woes
  5. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/how_do_you_undo_the_compact_folders_option
  6. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/multiple_accounts_administration
  7. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/my_gmail_emails_have_stopped_coming_into_thunderbird
  8. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/how_did_i_lose_my_thunderbird_identity
  9. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/t_bird_forgets_passwords
  10. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/slow_deleting
  11. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/how_can_i_move_my_local_folders_above_all_my_other_folders
  12. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/mailbox_not_getting_mail_from_gmail
  13. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/t_bird_and_secure_authentication
  14. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/why_does_thunderbird_change_the_date_and_time_stamp_on_all_the_files_under_local_folders
  15. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/thunderbird_forwarding_multiple_emails_in_seperate_emails
  16. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/how_do_i_download_all_mail_not_just_new
  17. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/importing_two_different_companies_folders_contacts
  18. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/asking_for_a_password
  19. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/my_g_mail_messages_wont_go_to_thunderbird
  20. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/cannot_compact_folder_in_server
  21. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/thunderbird_os_x_makes_outgoing_message_body_disappear
  22. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/why_cant_thunderbird_connect_to_my_smtp_server
  23. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/install_stalled_when_importing_from_eudora
  24. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/identification_of_others
  25. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/i_miss_a_specific_column_for_sent_mail_can_you_help_me_with_that
  26. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/overprotective_anti_virus
  27. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/garbage_e_mails
  28. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/html_or_plain_text_query
  29. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/how_can_i_recover_deleted_sent_e_mail
  30. http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging/topics/please_tell_me_how_to_open_email_attachments_like_i_used_to_with_just_a_click