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General process for moving support requests from Bugzilla to GS

  1. QA triages the Bugzilla Bug and determines it is a support request rather than a bug and flags it in the whiteboard field of the Bug as: "[support]"
  2. If possible, QA or support community folks find a relevant link in Get Satisfaction at, some common topics:
  3. QA closes the bug with a comment using the boilerplate in the next section

Boilerplate for moving a bug to GS

Hi X:

Thanks for taking the time to file a bug report. Unfortunately this is 
not a bug but a support request and bugzilla isn't the place to file 
support requests.

The place we recommend for Thunderbird support is:

In particular, these Get Satisfaction topic(s): 
<insert relevant link(s) here>

have information pertinent to your support request. Please join us at Get
Satisfaction and reply on these topics or feel free to start a 
new support topic. QA: please close this bugzilla bug.

....Roland (or whoever) on behalf of the Thunderbird Bugzilla and Support Community