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just because it's on this page doesn't mean it's in Thunderbird 11

User Visible Changes to Thunderbird 11

Roland is compiling this page in order to compile a list of what has to be documented for Thunderbird 11


(numbered for convenience only, not in order)

  1. account provisioner/get an account: tracker bug 686347 - in the unlikely event you need to turn it off use mail.provider.enabled [bug 700535] - Account provisioner disabled in TB 11, hope to be able to ship with multiple providers in TB 12 (bug 718792)
  2. Tabs on top - [bug 644169] - I believe this landed in TB11 on December 20, 2011
  3. Mac OS X only: Remove line between window title bar and toolbar in standalone window - [bug 712159]
  4. Windows only: Make inactive tabs opaque under Aero - [bug 710867]
  5. Allow navigating back/forward in content tabs → Implement Click-to-web - [bug 661742]
  6. Create an email account aka Get an Account aka Account_Provisioning - [bug 686347] - landed in TB 10, needs more testing, so removed from TB 10, hoping for TB 11
  7. More trust options added to junk settings (Bogofilter, DSPAM, POPFile) bug 687520, bug 323144, bug 426504
  8. Make MIME parts in a multipart/related context that are not referred to or cannot be displayed inline available as attachments again (MS's mailer, mail system of some companies, still continues to send multipart/related mail to send broken non standards compliant email with PDF file etc. in it)- [bug 674473] - fixed i.e. worked around Outlook's non compliance with standards in TB 11 and ESR 10.0.3

Thunderbird 10 and previous release regressions fixed in TB 11

  1. Attachments with non multi-part messages without filenames are not shown by Thunderbird - WORKAROUNDS - i) (1) Tools/Options/Advanced/General, Config Editor | set mailnews.display.show_all_body_parts_menu to true (2) View/Message Body As/All Body Parts OR ii) show all body parts add-on ; REGRESSION; fixed in TB11 [bug 701261] - backported to TB9beta4 and TB10 - also perhaps bug 705431
  2. Email attachment error when sending because html signatures with tel:, skype:, callto: and other non standard protocols and relative links no longer work due to stricter checking: WORKAROUND: delete non standard protocols from your HTML signatures and change all relative links to file:/// links - [GS1], [GS2] - Please tag any other topics "tb10signature" - Fixed in TB 11 in bug 714825
  3. Gloda schema change aka Search fails - is undefined in gloda.js - bug 732372


(in no order, numbered for convenience only)

  1. Thunderbird 10 Support Issues
  2. the above are great for Thunderbird changes, but open question: how do we track gecko changes that surface themselves to the user in Thunderbird?

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