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(Thanks to Eric Moore aka tanstaafl, Matt, Wayne Mery, Vincent aka cameléon for helping us on TB12 Support Day April 25, 2012. Next Thunderbird support day is scheduled for June 6, 2012 the day after the TB 13 release on June 5, 2012.)

  • TB 12 was released on April 24, 2012. Congratulations to the Thunderbird community of software developers, testers, documentation writers and support contributors
  • TB 12.0.1 was released on April 30, 2012

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Thunderbird 12.0 issues

Not so minor

(not in order)

  1. bug 750781 - Thunderbird 12.0.1 very slow when opening a message / not responding due to Thunderbird Places SQLite "*-wal and *-shm" files (and possibly other TB SQLite files) being removed and replaced with a directory. POSSIBLE CAUSE: Anti-virus (MozillaZine has a report of it being caused by SET NOD32, currently version; Aurélien on Bugzilla had the problem happen with Avira Antivir) - WORKAROUND - Open the Thunderbird Profile Directory from Help | Troubleshooting Information, quit Thunderbird, delete any directories in the Thunderbird Profile Directory ending in "-wal" or "-shm" and then restart Thunderbird e.g. delete directories named like the following: "places.sqlite-wal", "places.sqlite-shm", "cookies.sqlite-shm", "cookies.sqlite-wal" ; Possible fix in bug 752732 and also in a future version of SQLite, 3.7.12 or higher out in a few weeks from May 7, 2012 ; If you find further issues like this in GS please tag them tb12sqlite
  2. POP users who use filters and revert from TB12 to TB11 may have issues - bug 730947 - This should only affect a few users if any. - Fixed in TB 12 or TB 12.0.1
  3. bug 748090 - pop3 filters that move new message to imap folders mostly won't work - REGRESSION - Fixed in TB 12.01
  4. Appears to be a "not responding bug" on Mac OS X and Windows that's manifested itself in TB11 and TB12. Thought it was because of gmail "All Mail" folder subscription issues or a plugin issue. But I still see the issue occasionally (SPOD on Mac, spinning cursor on Windows) on both Mac OS X and Windows 7 after unsubscribing from "All Mail" and removing all plugins. Others like wsmwk are seeing similar problems. If you see this problem please tag it tb12notresponding; this might be bug 712371: severe slowness after email troubles. for example on startup high CPU and Unresponsive Script" for "Script: resource://modules/iteratorUtils.jsm:117"
  5. bug 748565 - Single new message causes multiple 'new message' notifications by pressing F5, may be POP only and may be filter related - WORKAROUND - use Shift F5 keyboard shortcut - REGRESSION - DUPLICATE of bug 748997 which was fixed in TB 12.0.1
  6. Personas are not displayed correctly. See bug 748682 . Marked as WONT FIX
  7. Freeze on Windows Server 2003 (seems to be due to Test Pilot 1.3.9, but maybe also because of Windows Server) - Not sure if this is a Windows Server issue or TB Issue
  8. Broken "Download rest of message" link for POP accounts set to 'fetch headers only': / bug 736782 - FIXED in TB 13, could be backported to TB 12, REGRESSION
  9. New mail notification issue (for POP accounts) aka "message repeatedly downloaded every minute until the message is READ OR the message is deleted at the server (by another system accessing/deleting that message", bug 748997 and - Fixed in TB 12.0.1
  10. bug 748432 - crash in nsMsgDatabase::MatchDbName ("It looks like the user has most likely set the hidden pref to check for new messages in all folders, and one or more of the folders is causing us a problem") - fixed in TB15; fix could be backported to TB12, 13 or 14 - Fixed in TB 12.0.1
  11. Help Link doesn't works anymore bug 754621, error message: "The webpage cannot be found"

Minor issues or issues fixed in TB 13 or future release

See Thunderbird 13 User Changes Page

(not in order, numbered only for convenience; minor = no dataloss or non dataloss mac and linux problems since only 5% or less of TB users are mac or linux)

  1. bug 725810 - Automatic Compact Folders Not Working under certain circumstances - Regression found in TB11, fixed in TB13

Add-on Issues

The following is an incomplete list of add-ons that have issues in Thunderbird 12. Please add to this list add-ons that have issues and if you find an add-on has been updated and works with Thunderbird, please strike it out using <del></del>

(not in order,numbered for convenience)

Daily Support Reports Throttled

(selected dates with upgrade throttled starting the day after release day was April 24, 2012; can't do this for every day obviously :-) !

April 25, 2012

(all times are UTC)

Issues discovered during the TB 12 Support Day on April 25, 2012

  1. Personas are not displayed correctly. See bug 748682 .
  2. Freeze on Windows Server 2003 (seems to be due to Test Pilot 1.3.9, but maybe also because of Windows Server)
  3. Search results empty: (SOLVED by following ) -- If this is an issue, it's not a TB12 specific issue
  4. "Download rest of message" for pop fetch headers only is a bad one: / bug 736782
  5. New mail notification issue (for POP accounts), bug 748997 et

April 26, 2012

(selected potential issues)

April 27, 2012

(not in order)

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