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(Thanks to those who helped us on the February 2, 2012 Thunderbird support day! The last support day was March 14, 2012. Next Thunderbird support day is tentatively scheduled for April 25, 2012 the day after the TB 12 release on April 24, 2012.)

  • TB 11 was released on March 14, 2012 at approximately 3a.m. Pacific
  • TB 11.0.1 was released March 28, 2012

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Thunderbird 11.0 issues

Not so minor

(not in order)

  1. Thunderbird hangs when switching IMAP folder [bug 733731, which will be fixed in TB12], [GS1], [GS2]. Workaround: i) Try Thunderbird 12 Beta ; please backup your Thunderbird profile (which contains your email, address book, etc) before using beta software! OR ii) Please download TB10.0.2 from here: and block automatic update - please tag these topics tb11switchingfolders, German and French Support Threads:
  2. UNCONFIRMED TB 11 junk filtering issues - please tag these topics tb11junk and help us file bugs and find steps to reproduce

Minor issues or issues fixed in TB 12 or future release

See Thunderbird 12 User Changes Page

(not in order, numbered only for convenience; minor = no dataloss or non dataloss mac and linux problems since only 5% or less of TB users are mac or linux)

  1. bug 718480 - Unable to save new message as file when subject is empty - REGRESSION, fixed in TB13
  2. bug 725810 - Automatic Compact Folders Not Working under certain circumstances - Regression found in TB11, fixed in TB13

Add-on Issues

The following is an incomplete list of add-ons that have issues in Thunderbird 11. Please add to this list add-ons that have issues and if you find an add-on has been updated and works with Thunderbird, please strike it out using <del></del>

(not in order,numbered for convenience)

  1. High CPU usage after upgrade to Thunderbird 11.0 perhaps caused by Bamboo Feed Reader Add-on (fixed by TB safe mode so it definitely appears to be Bamboo Feed Reader related) - [GS1]

Daily Support Reports Throttled

(selected dates with upgrade throttled starting the day after release day was Msrch 13, 2012; can't do this for every day obviously :-) !

March 14, 2012

(all times are UTC)

  1. Tabs on Top feedback:
  2. Tabs on Top Bugs:
  3. Workaround: Install Rise of the Tools add-on to see tab-on-bottom back.

March 15, 2012

(selected potential issues)

  1. AVG not compatible with Thunderbird 11? - Unconfirmed but not surprising since various folks have said that AVG is not updating to keep up with Thunderbird rapid releases [GS] - [Tag these avgtb11] - Probably the same issue in TB10; compare with GS topics tagged avgtb10 and avgtb9 - Recommend switching to Microsoft Security Essentials
  2. ESET not compatible with TB11 ? [GS] - Again not surprising since most Anti-virus software can't cope with Thunderbird rapid releases
  3. Missing Toolbar / menubar on Windows WORKAROUND: F10, or Alt+V, then Toolbars, Compose Toolbar. - please tag these topics: tb11missingtoolbar in GS - Perhaps somehow people are hiding the menubar by accident or via View | Toolbars | Menu Bar. If so then pressing Alt shows the menu bar temporarily and Alt V | Toolbars | Menu Bar turns it back on
  4. Spellcheck issues don't appear to be a TB11 specific problem but am tracking with tb11spellcheck tag

March 16, 2012

(not in order)

  1. Thunderbird 11 Lighting issues: please tag them tb11lightning
  2. Thunderbird 11 Kaspersky issues: please tag them tb11kaspersky
  3. Thunderbird Crash (don't think this is a "major, new in TB11" bug but tracking them just in case!) - please tag them tb11crash
  4. TB3.1->TB11 upgrade issues - please tag them tb31tb11upgrade

March 17, 2012

(not in order)

  1. TB11 Cannot receive email (don't think this is a "major, new in TB11" bug but tracking them just in case!) - please tag them tb11cantreceivemail
  2. TB11 Dataloss (don't think this is a "major, new in TB11" bug but tracking them just in case!) - please tag them tb11dataloss
  3. TB11 Test Pilot (don't think this is a "major, new in TB11" bug but tracking them just in case!) - please tag them tb11testpilot
  4. AT&T changed their settings for u-verse and "normal" AT&T recently to,port 995, SSL and, port 465, SSL bug doesn't look like they communicated this to their customers well - Hmmm perhaps AT&T changed the settings in October 2010 but didn't break the old settings until March 2012?
  5. TB11 slow (don't think this is a "major, new in TB11" bug but tracking them just in case!) - please tag them tb11slow

March 18, 2012

(not in order)

  1. Several cases of people claiming folders moved to Local Folders after upgrade. Not sure if this is a real problem or if this is a TB11 specific problem. Please tag these tb11localfolders

Daily Support Reports Un-Throttled

(selected dates with upgrade un-throttled starting the day TB11 was unthrottled which was 1:46p.m Pacific 22 March 2012; can't do this for every day obviously :-) ! NB: Thunderbird 11 was re-throttled 9:30 Pacific Tuesday 27 March 2012

March 23, 2012

March 24, 2012

March 25, 2012

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