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just because it's on this page doesn't mean it's in Thunderbird 13

User Visible Changes to Thunderbird 13

Roland is compiling this page in order to compile a list of what has to be documented for Thunderbird 12


(numbered for convenience only, not in order)

  1. fix very subtle "Compacting of local folders > 4GB" bug - [bug 721925]
  2. bug 711173 - Fix for UI freeze on feed biff/get new messages; renovate newsblog.js for fun.
  3. bug 589759 - Wait 5 minutes without entering password, Thunderbird stops responding/hangs if POP connection was closed while the password prompt was up.
  4. MD5 in signatures are going away - From Standard8 "if your certificate is using MD5 then you should upgrade it as it is no longer considered secure. As a temporary work around, there is a hidden preference you can alter, but this will keep you at risk until you upgrade your certificate." - hidden preference is in bug 732390
  5. account provisioner/get an account: tracker bug 686347 - in the unlikely event you need to turn it off use mail.provider.enabled [bug 700535] - Account provisioner disabled in TB 12, hope to be able to ship with multiple providers in TB 13 (bug 718792) - May 22, 2012 - looks like it will ship in TB13 with 2 providers
  6. bug 754780 If Tb 10 and Tb 11 is skipped, Gloda Scheme change is not correctly detected and gloda error is reported to Error Console by Tb 12 or newer, then Global Search doesn't work. This was a problem in TB12 but shipped in TB 13 because it won't affect most people.
  7. bug 751562 - Filters which move emails to folders broke after 12.0.1 because sometimes subfolders can't be found - This has been a problem since TB 12! Error message: "The folder 'Folder1' could not be found, so filter(s) associated with this folder will be disabled. Verify that the folder exists, and that filters point to a valid destination file." Patch has been developed and seems to work - STR:
    • The top level parent has to start with a name alphabetically after INBOX, or else looking for the INBOX causes us to discover all folders, including deeply nested children, before the INBOX.
    • All special folders in the account must exist (e.g., Sent, Drafts, Templates, Junk) if there are prefs that say to use those special folders, because if they don't exist, we conduct a rather exhaustive search looking for them, which causes us to discover all folders.

Thunderbird 12 and previous release regressions fixed in TB 13

  1. bug 718480 - Unable to save new message as file when subject is empty - REGRESSION, fixed in TB13
  2. bug 736782 - No (inactive) download link for 'download message headers only' to download the rest of the pop message - REGRESSION, fixed in TB13
  3. bug 725810 - Automatic Compact Folders Not Working under certain circumstances (one known circumstance is that if you set the threshold to 1MB it got reset to 20MB) - Regression found in TB11, fixed in TB13


(in no order, numbered for convenience only)

  1. Thunderbird 12 Support Issues
  2. the above are great for Thunderbird changes, but open question: how do we track gecko changes that surface themselves to the user in Thunderbird?

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