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Thunderbird 8.0 Support issues

Not so minor

(not in order)

  1. View | Folders | All in TB8 Beta 1 is not showing POP accounts, only IMAP accounts - this may be a one off, this was due to Tools | Account Settings .... | Server Settings | "Global Inbox "being checked instead of Ïnbox for this server's account" - This indeed appears to have been a one-off
  2. Crash using newsgroup after the news-server requested username/password. [bug 702425 ]
  3. Cannot open PDF attachment by right clicking and then selecting "Open" in some mails (Content-Type: =?windows-1252?q?application/pdf) - [bug 659355] - seems to have been a bug since TB 3.1 - WORKAROUND - Save As and then open from Windows Explorer
  4. Not all Attachments are shown by Thunderbird when those attachments are sent in a non standard way by Outlook and other email clients - [reopened bug 674473 after a partial fix in TB8] - WORKAROUND: Show All Body Parts Add-on until we get a real code fix; given the nature of MIME and the MIME code, this is not a trivial problem to fix

Minor issues or issue fixed in TB 9 or future release

See Thunderbird 9 User Changes Page

(not in order, numbered only for convenience; minor = no dataloss or non dataloss mac and linux problems since only 5% or less of TB users are mac or linux)

  1. [Mac] Firefox 8 and up crash with Apple's latest Java updates for OS X 10.6 and 10.7 closing tab/window containing Java applet - Minor issue for TB since who runs Java in TB :-) ? But not so minor issue for FF - [bug 700835] Fixed in TB 9 (and FF 8.0.1 and FF 9)
  2. Attachments with non multi-part messages without filenames are not shown by Thunderbird - WORKAROUNDS - i) (1) Tools/Options/Advanced/General, Config Editor | set mailnews.display.show_all_body_parts_menu to true (2) View/Message Body As/All Body Parts OR ii) show all body parts add-on ; REGRESSION; fixed in TB11 [bug 701261] - backported to TB9beta4 and TB10 - also perhaps bug 705431
  3. WINDOWS ONLY: For reasons unclear, some users do a Windows restore aka Windows system recovery back to a point where TB 7 or 8 was installed and then the upgrade to TB 8 or 9 results in TB8 or 9 crashing on startup since .jar files like omni.jar aren't saved in the Windows systems snapshot that Windows uses for Windows restore. - Real fix - tracked by tracker bug 702045 includes renaming .jar to.ja; WORKAROUND: re-install TB8 using the full TB8 installer. - [[tracker bug 702045]];[bug 691847], [bug 701944], [bug 701875] - 5 Possible GS Topics: [GS1], [GS2], [GS3], [GS4, [GS5] - Fixed in Firefox 10 and Thunderbird 10

Add-on and Antivirus Issues

The following is an incomplete list of add-ons and anti-virus programs that have issues in Thunderbird 8. Please add to this list add-ons that have issues and if you find an add-on has been updated and works with Thunderbird, please strike it out using <del></del>

(not in order,numbered for convenience)


  1. Birdie Sync not compatible with TB8! Birdie Sync released December 5, 2011 is compatible with TB8!


  1. AVG not working with TB8 topic in GS - UNVERIFIED report
  2. Spamfighter 7.3.68 appears to be working with Thunderbird 8 as of November 10, 2011

Daily Support Reports

(selected dates starting the day after release day which was November 8, 2011; can't do this for every day obviously :-) !)

Folder Pane View Switcher Removal

Get Satisfaction reactions:

  • in the first week after release approximately 110 replies from people upset at the change; mostly power users
  • from July 2009 to June 1 2011, about 200 replies from people confused about which view they were in, how to change views, etc; mostly non power users

Roland's take - it would be great if in a future TB release we could display the current view name and provide a keyboard shortcut to switch views; simply bringing back the old folder pane widget will continue to confuse many users

November 9, 2011

raw data: (not in order)

  1. Users erroneously led to believe that Lightning is incompatible with TB8 [GS1],[GS2], [GS3], [GS4], [GS5], [GS6] - Possible bug in AMO or AMO caching or outage leading to TB not offering the new version of Lightning. AFAIK Lightning was released at least 4 hours on AMO before Thunderbird 8 was released so this should NOT have happened and should not happen when TB9 is released (assuming Lightning is updated on AMO for TB9 before TB9 is released). Will monitor TB 9 closely for a recurrence of this problem.
  2. (from GS) quicktext add-on wasn't auto-bumped to be compatible even though hasn't been updated since august 2011 - again a caching/AMO issue perhaps?
  3. (from GS) - enigmail 1.3.3 wasn't approved in time, hopefully approval will be more timely for TB9 (submitted October 28, 2011 for approval - approved November 11, 2011)

November 10, 2011

raw data that's truncated luckily I have the fulltext as an email: November 10, 2011 Thunderbird Support Report

(following is not in order)

  1. attachment problems in TB 8 - [GS 1 by Harald Muermann, troubleshooting details missing]
  2. can't see attachments from eVisions JSPmail [GS 1 from Brenda Zumbrun] - this could be [bug 533493] (which may be due to a malformed email) or it could be part of the general attachment problem, perhaps fix with Show All Body Parts Thunderbird Add-on

November 11, 2011

  1. more attachment issues: [GS1] [GS2]
  2. Google Contacts Add-on continues to leak memory in TB8 - [GS1]

November 12, 2011

didn't find anything significant that wasn't already reported previously in this version or previous versions

November 13, 2011

November 14, 2011

November 15, 2011

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