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just because it's on this page doesn't mean it's in Thunderbird 10

User Visible Changes to Thunderbird 10

Roland is compiling this page in order to compile a list of what has to be documented for Thunderbird 10


(numbered for convenience only, not in order)

  1. All Add-ons will be made compatible by default in both Firefox 10 and Thunderbird 10
  2. Support taskbar icon overlay in Windows 7 - [bug 515907] - core fix only, to see this in TB may require a separate TB fix
  3. Attachment error when saving twice as draft a mail template containing an inline image - [bug 380372]
  4. Several embedded image editing fixes:
    1. editing an existing draft with inline images doesn't handle mime part renumbering when new images are added before existing images - [bug 692875] - patch written 20Oct2011, needs review, will hopefully make TB10 or TB11; looks it landed in TB10 on trunk on November 4, 2011!
    2. Reply/Forward/Edit of .EML file corrupts image URL - [bug 351109] - although flags say TB11, looks like this landed in both TB10 and TB11
    3. escape issues with mailbox urls in the compose window - [bug 224733]
    4. Attachment error when saving twice as draft a mail template containing an inline image - [bug 380372]
  5. Alignment in message thread pane is off - [bug 689543] fixed for TB10
  6. gloda indexes deleted folders that are subfolders of trash - [bug 532522] - hopefully lands in TB10
  7. global search aka "GLODA" improvements:
    • reorder fulltext columns so body is the 0th column for disk-space savings - [bug 554015] - GLODA Database schema change and hopefully a performance improvement
    • Bump page size and cache size for Gloda - [bug 677805]
  8. Mac OS X Hardware acceleration seems to require discrete GPU on Macs with two GPUs which results in using more battery than the integrated non discrete GPU - apparently a bug since Firefox 4 and Thunderbird 5, will be fixed hopefully soon by the Gecko folks for us - [bug 646043 which could be a dup of bug 604135], [bug 668552] - [fixed in Firefox 10 nightly build October 28, 2011 which means it will hopefully be fixed in TB 10 or sooner]
  9. New mail alert should not be displayed when running a full-screen application - patch to play sound but not display alert in full screen landed in bug 499557
  10. usability problem: folder and address book panes may seem "gone" after accidentally collapsing them resulting in you not seeing any addresses in your address book or your folders (workaround, drag the not obvious splitter in the far left to the right if you are on Windows or Linux or pre Lion OS X or trying to restore address book name pane on Mac OS X Lion or if you are on Mac OS X Lion and need to restore the Folder Pane: Tools | Error Console type: window.parent.opener.document.getElementById("folderPaneBox").removeAttribute("collapsed") and then click Evaluate); geeky workaround that requires editing of localstore.rdf - fixed in TB 10 in bug 609245
  11. Create an email account aka Get an Account aka Account_Provisioning - [bug 686347] - landed in TB 10, needs more testing, so removed from TB 10, hoping for TB 11
  12. Open Search - move from Add-on into TB core - [bug 677421] - landed in TB 10, needs security review
  13. Ctrl+scrollwheel should Zoom/Unzoom message by default - [bug 250415]
  14. Add keyboard shortcut to add attachment [Ctrl+Shift+A], change keyboard shortcut for "Remove Named Anchors" to [Ctrl+Shift+R] - [bug 452634] - Help Wanted from a Support Contributor - Please update the KB Keyboard Shortcut article
  15. automatic CC to self stripped on Reply All - [bug 584962]
  16. simple, glyphs for the message header buttons - [bug 666229]
  17. [bug 666231] - Monochrome graphics for the message list tree header
  18. [bug 690080] - Fix focus ring enlargement
  19. [bug 691770] - Tags are lost when an index aka MSF file is deleted or corrupted index file is rebuilt

Thunderbird 9 and previous release regressions fixed in TB 10

  1. Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Accessibility Issue Text to Speech not working (Regression: discovered in TB5) - [bug 674612], [GS] - fixed in FF 10 / TB 10
  2. WINDOWS ONLY - increased spacing of lines in folder and thread pane, filters, compose and address book at 125% DPI - [bug 671611]; [GS]; REGRESSION ; [Workaround: custom userChrome.css] - hopefully fix will land in TB10
  3. bad FROM spam address in header causes email to look like it comes from a contact when email address contains Unicode - [bug 669925] - dup:bug 716220 - probably around in recent builds like TB8 - fixed in TB10 11Jan2012
  4. Folder panel has no content. JSON.parse: unexpected end of data Source File: chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js - [bug 707329], [GS] - WORKAROUND: quit Thunderbird, delete folderTree.json, restart Thunderbird - FIXED for TB10 11Jan2012, [followup bug to prevent corruption or do a backup of folderTree.json]
  5. Excel tables and Word Docs are pasted as images since TB 9 for locales that don't use a period for the decimal point - [bug 717218] [bug 714115], which also affects Firefox - [GS],duplicate bug: HTML/Rich text (copied from IE, Firefox, MSWord, etc.) is always pasted as plain text - [bug 714621], [bug 714621 in GS] - WORKAROUND change locale decimal point to a period: Windows - Control panel | Region and Language | Formats | Customize Format | Decimal Symbol: - Change "," to "." - FIXED in TB & Firefox 11, and TB10 Beta 4
  6. LDAP connection broken (application deadlocks) starting with version 9 - [bug 708813], fixed in TB9Beta4 and above but then broken in TB10 and then fixed in TB10beta5 and above
  7. Control Drag doesn't copy messages - REGRESSION, fixed in TB10, [bug 713814]


(in no order, numbered for convenience only)

  1. Thunderbird 9 Support Issues
  2. the above are great for Thunderbird changes, but open question: how do we track gecko changes that surface themselves to the user in Thunderbird?

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