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Tinderboxpushlog ("TBPL") is a tool that correlates checkins with Buildbot results, so that developers and sheriffs can quickly see the results of automatic builds and tests for specific changesets. The official Firefox instance is at

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TBPL has a client-side and a server-side component. Running only the client-side component is really simple, because you can just make it refer to the server-side component that runs on If you would like a standalone instance of TBPL with your own server-side component, the requirements are a little higher. However, there is now a fully-automated method for setting up a TBPL server in a virtual machine using Vagrant.

For more info, see: README and README.vagrant

Developer Contacts

  • Ed Morley (:edmorley / emorley at moco)
  • Markus Stange <> (original creator)
  • Arpad Borsos <> (an active contributor)