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Tinderboxpushlog ("TBPL") is a tool that correlates checkins with Buildbot results, so that developers and sheriffs can quickly see the results of automatic builds and tests for specific changesets. The official Firefox instance is at

TBPL has now been replaced by Treeherder, and TBPL will be switched off sometime in Q1 2015, once the #TBPL_switch-off_tasks are complete.

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Developer Contacts

  • Ed Morley (:edmorley / emorley at moco)
  • Markus Stange <> (original creator)
  • Arpad Borsos <> (an active contributor)

TBPL switch-off tasks

TBPL is in the process of being replaced by Treeherder. In addition to fixing Treeherder's developer transition blockers, there are a number of other tasks that will need to be completed before the TBPL crons/DB/accounts can be switched off/deleted. Many of these issues will be have to be fixed by other projects/teams, since they involve switching consumers of TBPL's API over to Treeherder's API.

View as bug list.

ID Product Component Summary Assigned to
1050477 Tree Management mcMerge Find a new home for mcMerge Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1059400 Tree Management Treeherder Treeherder Milestone 4: Make TBPL redundant for all users
1112650 Data & BI Services Team Database Operations Adjust TBPL's expiration policy to retain data for a shorter amount of time Sheeri Cabral [:sheeri] (scabral)
1085704 Datazilla Metrics dzAlerts should link to Treeherder instead of TBPL Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1085723 Developer Services General [mozautomation] Add support for Treeherder URL generation and switch mozext to it instead of tbpl_url() Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1085719 Developer Services Mercurial: bzpost bzpost should link to Treeherder instead of TBPL Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1072162 Developer Services Mercurial: Remove links to TBPL from Try server hghook response Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1120234 Infrastructure & Operations WebOps: Other Reduce frequency of TBPL's cron job C. Liang [:cyliang] (cliang)
1072163 Release Engineering Tools Remove links to TBPL from Try server emails Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1085527 Release Engineering Tools Make the try highscores page link to treeherder rather than TBPL Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1085561 Testing General Make Alert Manager link to Treeherder rather than TBPL Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1087532 Testing General Change Ouija to pull data from Treeherder rather than TBPL Sherry (sherry.shi)
1085728 Tree Management OrangeFactor OrangeFactor needs to stop relying on TBPL's hidden jobs list Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1085730 Tree Management OrangeFactor OrangeFactor UI revisions should link to Treeherder instead of TBPL Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1112631 Tree Management TBPL Disable log prefetching on TBPL Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1114742 Tree Management TBPL Show a suppressible deprecation notice to third party consumers of TBPL's API Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1120221 Tree Management TBPL Add EOL notice/banner on initial TBPL pageload Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1120416 Tree Management TBPL Remove Bugzilla/ElasticSearch comment submission & display warning Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1069493 Tree Management Treeherder Stop mirroring failure classifications to TBPL's submitBuildStar.php when EOL is imminent Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1069502 Tree Management Treeherder Submit OrangeFactor data to ES directly rather than via TBPL's starcomment.php Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1069560 Tree Management Treeherder Submit bug comments to Bugzilla directly rather than via TBPL's submitBugzillaComment.php Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)
1030636 Tree Management Treeherder Treeherder Milestone 3: Sheriff transition from TBPL
1082602 Tree Management Treeherder: Docs & Development Update wiki pages to reference Treeherder instead of TBPL Ed Morley [:edmorley] (emorley)

23 Total; 2 Open (8.7%); 21 Resolved (91.3%); 0 Verified (0%);