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Currently manually transferred from the google document following instructions.

Release Duty


add these events to your calendar

iCal, Evolution:

  • Subscribe events: webcal:// (or via http if the webcal protocol isn't supported by your program)
    • Opening that link will open your local calendar program (e.g. MacOSX iCal, Evolution, etc.)
    • Set it to update (i.e. "[x] Refresh" or "Auto-refresh: Every day") and new events will appear automatically.


  • Choose the "Calendar" tab
  • in the far left column, click the new calendar icon (little mini green calendar with a plus sign, top right corner of the column header)
  • a "Create New Calendar" dialog box appears
  • enter something like "MozWiki Events" into the Name field
  • check the 2nd checkbox: [x] Synchronize appointments from remote calendar
  • copy this URL:
  • paste it into the URL field
  • click [ OK ]

You may also download events on this page as an iCalendar file.

Updating this page

To update this page, use this script:

  1. copy the full lines to add directly from the CatalogOfReleases sheet.
  2. paste directly as input to the script
  3. paste script output into this wiki page, deleting older releases if desired