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Mozilla Community Workshops

Overview of the Community Workshops

MIT IAP, January 10-14, 2011


  • Name of the class: IAP HTML5 Game Programming Course and Competition
  • Coursework Component: 5 sessions, 2 hours each (total instruction time 10 hours)
  • Schedule, everyday 11.30-1.30pm EST
  • Room is 32-141 (32 Vassar St, room #141 (first floor) (
  • Onsite support:
    • mitcho (Michael Erlewine),
    • office: 32-D866, Mondays during IAP or by appointment
  • Online support:
    • IRC #mitiap2011
    • Feel free to email anyone from the group of the lecturers in case you have any specific question related to the course
    • Julie Deroche: jgoulie(IRC) or
  • Here's a list of some IRC clients depending on your OS.
  • Emergency line for the Stata Center: 617-253-7669 || Please call on Wednesday to make sure the center is open!

Layout of the week

January 10, 2011

  • Lecturer: Dave Herman
  • Lecture notes:
  • Contact info:
    • Email:
    • IRC: dherman -- available on at #jslang and #jsapi
    • Twitter: @littlecalculist
  • Topics covered: Foundations of JavaScript programming in the browser. Language syntax and concepts. Browser environment, events. (object and prototype, scope and global object, closures, events and call backs, numbers, XHR)
  • Resources:

January 11, 2011

January 12, 2011

January 13, 2011

January 14, 2011



After the course work component, students will compete in a HTML5 game programming competition. Mozilla will host a discussion forum for students to communicate and collaborate and ask and answer questions amongst each other (, #mitiap2010). The goal is for students to implement an interesting HTML5 game or visual demonstration. Whether its a create re-implementation of existing games (HTML5 pong?), or a full fledge 3D game, anything goes.


The winning team (up to 4 team members max) will come to Mountain View and spend a w/e in SF. During their time at Mozila, the team will present its demo/game and spend some time with Brendan Eich. We will also offer a 1K stipend to the winning team to make sure you enjoy your time in sunny California. One last piece of swag will be a signed copy of John Resig's latest book: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Criteria for the competition

  • Deadline is February 20, 2011
  • Teams composition: up to 4 students
  • Use of existing libraries allowed, but you may not copy existing games

Games Gallery

Dots - Team Blobby
HTML5 Demo - Team Tom
QRticullis - Team Viral Ecology