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About me

My name is Francesca, I'm a thirty-something Italian graduated in Social Sciences. In my free time, I contribute to the Debian project, and I'm a translator (English to Italian) for Global Voices online and Organization for Transformative Works.

Of free software, what fascinate me are mostly the infinite learning possibilities as well as the communities built around it.

When I'm not dabbling in translations or software, I can be found:

  • making plans for the zombie apocalypse (nothing wrong with having a good plan!)
  • sewing clothes, knitting socks and trying my hand at several DIY activities
  • reading books (sci-fi and fantasy, mostly) and fan fictions

You can find me:

or you can read about what I'm doing on my blog.

I'm a total newbie in the Mozillaverse (at least as contributor: I used the browser a lot in the last years, alternating it with chromium and unknown minimal browsers like uzbl), and I plan to use this page to collect useful bits and pieces of documentation I find around, to find a compass in the huge amount of documentation and info here.

Useful Links


Bugzilla general

Questions/Responses for the reporter

On triaging bugs

Test cases

Bug verification