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Who are you?

Many who know me, call me wizardged, wizard Andy or Andrew. I grew up in a small town in Centre Hasings, Canada. I am a Firefox Student Ambassador for Sheridan College, Brampton, Canada and I regularly frequent Army of Awesome. I have participated in the Mozilla Support and other SUMO related areas. I have contributed to Wikipedia and would encourage you to try as well!

Some things to know about me:

  • I am a full time Linux User.
  • I Love Learning.
  • My Knowledge is largley centered around Technology, Science, and Math.
  • I put a high value on knowledge.
  • I prefer to be corrected when wrong.
  • I try my best to avoid generalizations or subjective opinions/ideas.
  • I am blunt at times and prefer straightforward and blunt disscussion.
  • What I defend/argue may not be my opinion on the matter. I may be attempting to be objective.

To Contact Me

  • I can be contacted via PM or Email(with pgp upon request)
  • I Maintain a personal IRC bouncer on the Mozilla IRC Network feel free to contact me at any time. My nickname is "wizardged"(without the Quotes).