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WebDriver BiDi Milestone 11 - Completed

Goal: Our primary focus for Milestone 11 is to clear all blockers and fully support Puppeteer. By the end of Milestone 10, we've achieved 75% compliance with the Puppeteer test suite, aiming to reach as close to 100% as possible. Additionally, we're phasing out our partial Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP) implementation, urging users to switch to WebDriver BiDi.




Milestone Backlog:

Full Query
ID Summary Status Assigned to Fx points
1522790 Marionette executor should use "New Window" command to open the test tab ASSIGNED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 8
1524074 Implement Permissions API extension for Marionette ASSIGNED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 3
1785377 Intermittent /webdriver/tests/classic/switch_to_parent_frame/switch.py | single tracking bug RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 2
1786639 Failure in Andriod Fission builds: /webdriver/tests/element_click/navigate.py | test_link_unload_event - assert False is True RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 1
1805479 Add "initiator" to "network.beforeRequestSent" event NEW 3
1823907 Remove "desiredCapabilities" and "requiredCapabilities" from geckodriver ASSIGNED jameshendry05 ---
1824220 Add support for "beforeunload" simple prompts NEW 3
1838152 Improve error message when sending session.new without capabilities RESOLVED gravyant ---
1846601 Implement "browsingContext.navigationFailed" event NEW 8
1850680 Add support for optional arguments for "network.continueRequest" command ASSIGNED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 5
1853882 Add support for optional arguments for "network.provideResponse" command NEW 5
1853887 Add support for optional arguments for "network.continueResponse" command NEW 5
1855028 Implement "browser.setWindowBounds" command NEW 5
1857961 Add support for the "devicePixelRatio" argument for "browsingContext.setViewport" RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 3
1862380 Add support for "promptUnload" argument for "browsingContext.close" command NEW 3
1863266 "WebDriver:ElementClear" fails for elements as part of a disabled parent "fieldset" RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 3
1869538 Add support for "innerText" locator for "browsingContext.locateNodes" command NEW 5
1870880 Add "isInstance" assertion method to Assert.sys.mjs RESOLVED gravyant ---
1873196 "browser.close" has to close all top-level browsing contexts by discarding any "beforeunload" handlers NEW 2
1875065 Implement "permissions.setPermission" command RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 5
1876062 Skip "beforeunload" prompts when closing tabs during browser.removeUserContext NEW 2
1878168 The firefox download link downloads "Firefox Setup 122.0.exe" on Linux NEW 1
1878690 Returning early for error pages in "onStateChange" stop of the WebProgressListener leads to not yet loaded error pages ASSIGNED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 3
1879163 browsingContext.navigate resolves too early if beforeunload does a same document navigation NEW ---
1879402 Review network event order for preflight requests NEW 3
1879438 Missing BiDi network events for cached stylesheets NEW 3
1879503 Update implementation of `getCookies` command to align with gecko default cookie behaviour RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 3
1879580 Wrong event order of network.responseCompleted for redirects NEW 3
1880803 NetworkObserver should create network events earlier (http-on-before-connect) ASSIGNED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 5
1882089 Flip the "remote.active-protocols" default value to "1" after the Firefox 128 ESR release NEW 2
1884401 Use "psutil" as process handler for mozrunner / mozprocess on MacOS to support the new application restart mechanism in Firefox (bug 1827651) RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 5
1884650 Add support for the new type of "unhandledPromptBehavior" for WebDriver BiDi ASSIGNED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 5
1884935 Update serialization for "browsingContext.locateNodes" and remove "ownership" and "sandbox" arguments RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 2
1885542 "WheelScrollAction.performOneWheelScroll" doesn't update key input state RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 3
1885577 Add support for a11y attributes locator for "browsingContext.locateNodes" command RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 5
1886759 Write a blog post about the CDP deprecation on fxdx.dev NEW 2
1887548 Intermittent mozilla/tests/webdriver/harness/preferences_remote_agent.py | <test> - PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: <path> RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 1
1887871 "session.subscribe" and "session.unsubscribe" should raise "invalid argument" error when "events" or "contexts" arguments are empty arrays RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 1
1888004 "WebDriver:GetElementText" fails to correctly capitalize text containing an underscore (_) RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 2
1889366 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 45494 - Upgrade third-party websockets Python package to version 12.0 RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 2
1889926 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 45575 - Bump minimum version of Python from 3.7 to 3.8 RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 2
1890325 [mozrunner] TypeError: %b requires a bytes-like object, or an object that implements __bytes__, not 'str' RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 1
1891008 "GeckoViewTabUtil.createNewTab()" returns too early causing an ongoing navigation never to finish RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] ---
1891455 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 45711 - Bump pywebsocket3 to 4.0.2 from PyPI RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 2
1891476 Intermittent TV /css/css-scoping/font-face-003.html, /css/css-scoping/font-face-004.html | single tracking bug RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 1
1891762 Sync vendored puppeteer to v22.6.5 RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 2
1891965 [wpt-sync] Sync PR 45760 - Bump wptserve to version 4.0.2 RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 1
1892044 Perma [tier 2] "Automation Error: Received unexpected exception while running application | NameError: name 'e' is not defined" because psutil cannot be imported RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 2
1892248 DevTools Release Tasks - Cycle 127 RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 3
1892440 Expose chrome only method to flip HttpChannel's StoreRequestObserversCalled RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 2
1893117 Introduce NetworkRequest and NetworkResponse classes RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 3
1893664 Perma Late Beta Wd TEST-UNEXPECTED-PASS | network Page.authenticate should allow disable authentication (network.spec.js) | expected FAIL when Gecko 127 switches from Early Beta to Late Beta on 2024-05-24 VERIFIED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 1
1893921 browsingContext.create is slow on macos arm64 runners on GitHub actions NEW 3
1893922 browsingContext.locateNodes does not accept document as a start node for a11y locator RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 2
1894217 Add support for "userContext" argument in "permissions.setPermission" command RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 2
1894305 browsingContext.create should not wait for visibility change before waiting for navigation RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 2
1895198 Move the assert !LoadWasOpened() in HttpBaseChannel::ExplicitSetUploadStreamLength to HttpChannelChild RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes] 2
1895738 Update validation of "unhandledPromptBehavior" capability for WebDriver BiDi changes ASSIGNED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 2
1896106 Marionette's processhandler for psutil should not wait for reader thread when calling `wait()` from within the `poll()` method (causing a 1s extra delay when starting the session) RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1] 2
1897183 Sync vendored puppeteer to v22.9.0 RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha] 2

60 Total; 26 Open (43.33%); 33 Resolved (55%); 1 Verified (1.67%);