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WebDriver BiDi Milestone 12 - In Development

Goal: During this milestone, we will announce official Puppeteer support based on the WebDriver BiDi protocol for Firefox 129. This announcement will coincide with the release of Firefox 129 in August. We anticipate increased collaboration with developers and tool makers utilizing Puppeteer, and we will encourage tools using non-standard CDP to transition to the WebDriver BiDi standard protocol.

To assist our platform teams, we will improve the existing event dispatching system in Marionette and WebDriver BiDi to better simulate user interactions, starting with scrolling functionalities for both mouse wheel and touch input sources. Additionally, we will continue enhancing our network interception features in WebDriver BiDi to support more robust navigation testing scenarios.




Milestone Backlog:

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Fx points Status Assigned to
1522790 Marionette executor should use "New Window" command to open the test tab P2 8 ASSIGNED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1]
1797215 Send async "touch" events at the widget level instead of synthesized DOM events P3 5 NEW
1805479 Add "initiator" to "network.beforeRequestSent" event P2 3 ASSIGNED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes]
1846601 Implement "browsingContext.navigationFailed" event P2 8 ASSIGNED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha]
1848957 Send async "wheel" events at the widget level instead of synthesized DOM events P2 5 NEW
1852529 [wdspec] Improve "scroll" tests for "wheel" input type for both WebDriver classic and BiDi P2 3 NEW
1853887 Add support for optional arguments for "network.continueResponse" command P2 5 NEW
1855045 Implement "input.fileDialogOpened" event P3 5 NEW
1855051 Implement "input.dismissFileDialog" command P2 5 NEW
1857571 Update Marionette to handle window positioning on Wayland P2 2 NEW
1871543 Release geckodriver 0.35.0 P2 3 NEW
1877187 Add stacktrace to "network.Initiator" type for "network.BeforeRequestSent" P3 5 NEW
1879163 browsingContext.navigate resolves too early if beforeunload does a same document navigation P2 5 RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1]
1879402 Fix network event order for CORS preflight requests P3 3 NEW
1879438 Missing BiDi network events for cached stylesheets P2 3 NEW
1882803 Emit network.responseCompleted and fetchError from onStopRequest P2 --- ASSIGNED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes]
1890091 Avoid raising errors in "session.end" and "browser.close" when no Marionette client is connected P2 3 RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1]
1898158 Add support for url argument to "network.continueRequest" command P2 3 NEW
1899711 After each authentication attempt the number of authRequired events received increases P3 3 NEW
1902264 The PromptListener wrongly selects prompts on Android when receiving a `geckoview-prompt-show` notification P2 3 RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha]
1904665 Prepare the Remote Agent code base for parent process event dispatching P2 3 NEW
1904671 Add wdspec jobs with parent process event dispatching enabled P2 3 NEW
1904822 Support "handler" field for "browsingContext.userPromptOpened" event P2 2 RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1]
1904859 Wait for events dispatched in the content process and assess performance P2 8 NEW
1904884 [wdspec] Improve tests for "touch" input type for both WebDriver classic and BiDi P3 3 NEW
1904892 Add support for "resourceType" to network events P3 3 NEW
1905086 Support automatic user prompt handling in WebDriver BiDi P2 3 NEW
1905307 Support mixed configuration for "network.setCacheBehavior" command P2 3 RESOLVED Alexandra Borovova [:Sasha]
1905889 Update user prompt handler behavior based on GitHub PR 1819 P2 3 ASSIGNED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes]
1906095 ElementSendKeys calls scrollIntoView when an element is already visible P3 --- RESOLVED Andrew Nicols
1906100 Rename "network.setCacheBypass" command to "network.setCacheBehavior" and adjust "cacheBehavior" argument P2 3 RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1]
1906106 Emit a single network.responseCompleted event for authentication flows P1 2 RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes]
1907533 Sync vendored puppeteer to v22.13.0 P2 2 RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes]
1907589 Investigate puppeteer cache tests failing because responseCompleted is emitted too late P2 2 NEW
1907847 Add test for CORS preflight network event order P2 2 RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes]
1907935 Ensure the "unsupportedPromptBehavior" capability is not WebDriver classic only P2 2 RESOLVED Henrik Skupin [:whimboo][⌚️UTC+1]
1908621 [wdspec] Update script invalid tests to properly check invalid optional arguments P2 2 RESOLVED Julian Descottes [:jdescottes]

37 Total; 25 Open (67.57%); 12 Resolved (32.43%); 0 Verified (0%);