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Note: Starting Q2, 2012, two separate teams have been created out of the Flux team: The (new) Websites Team under Chris More, and the Web Development Ecosystem team under Fred Wenzel.

Mission Statement / What does the Flux team do?

  • We are in charge of various Mozilla websites that do not have a dedicated team of their own.
  • We advance the Mozilla Mission by:
    • Helping other devs by establishing and evolving common standards, tools, libraries, docs, and best practices.
    • Helping other teams achieve their web-related goals as internal consultants and technical experts.
  • We build and iterate rapidly, but with maintainability in mind. Flux is not a factory for throw-away code.
  • Rapid development does not mean no process: We work closely with the Web Production team to make the best possible products while managing scope, schedule, and budget.


The Flux Development group consists of these members:

Working with Flux

The Flux team is a team of developers working with the Technical Project Managers provided by the Web Production team. Please follow the process to get members of the web development team to help get your project off the ground.