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Www-clipped.jpg is the main web property for Mozilla products and Engagement. Firefox, Thunderbird, Apps, B2G, Identity and Privacy, plus Press Center, Get Involved and others live under this domain.

Getting Started

Interested in contributing code to Know HTML, CSS, JS, PHP or Python? You can view mentored bugs below.

Once you find something of interest, register for a bugzilla account and comment on the bug that you'd like to take the bug. You can also contact the mentor for the bug. You can find this person by looking at the whiteboard tag.



  • Who:
    • Paul McLanahan (pmac) - developer
    • Michael Kelly (mkelly) - developer
    • Mike Alexis (malexis) - manager
    • Chris More (cmore) - manager
  • IRC: #www
  • on Mozilla Wiki
  • (formerly on Mozilla Wiki
  • on Bugzilla

Mentored Bugs

ID Summary Priority Status
918260 Update bedrock jQuery to version 1.11 -- NEW
870502 AJAXify the newsletter signup forms P3 NEW
725905 [SEO] Implement for videos P4 NEW
878570 Update Featured Mozilla-Based Applications P4 ASSIGNED

Open; Resolved; Total (0% complete)