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Get Involved: Mozilla.org

If you want to contribute to Firefox, Gecko, Rust or other Mozilla projects, visit Contribute.


Mozilla.org is the main web property for the Mozilla project and Firefox products. The site averages 193 millions users every month, where they can download Firefox, learn about the Mozilla mission, get involved in the Mozilla Community and more.

Getting Started

Interested in contributing code to mozilla.org? Know HTML, CSS, JS or Python? You can view mentored bugs below.

Once you find a bug that interests you, register for a Bugzilla account and comment in the bug that you'd like to work on it. You can also contact the mentor by using the email found in the mentor field.

If you would like to report a Firefox bug, please visit the MDN Bug writing guidelines page.

If interested in testing Firefox, please visit the Mozilla QA homepage on MDN.


Everything you need to get up to speed on our development environment and workflow.


Mentored Bugs

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