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This document outlines required personnel, systems and documentation for Web Prod projects seeking involvement from the community.


2 team members minimum (staff or contributor) who have agreed to help contributors navigate the contribution pathway. This is a formal role referred to as "Project Guide."

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining contributor bugs with contributor cards on the Kanban board.
  • Fielding questions in IRC.
  • Project setup help.
  • Answering questions or helping find folks to answer questions (unblocking).
  • Assisting with finding tasks.

People in this role do not have to be developers but should have a working understanding of how our projects are setup and the lifecycle of a task.

Systems & Documentation

The following systems and documentation are required:

  1. The project must be listed on Webdev/GetInvolved
  2. The project must have a project hub wiki (Example: Websites/Mozilla.org)
  3. The project must have a public kanban board.
  4. The project must maintain tasks consistent with the contribution pathway documentation.