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If you're here, you're likely thinking about teaching Webmaking. That's awesome! We've just begun the initiative to connect more broadly with Educators like you. You can help us out by telling us your thoughts. What kind of support do you need? How can we learn from and share with each other?

Web literacies need to be worked into more classrooms and workshops to ensure that the generations of tomorrow have the skills and competencies necessary to participate in our quickly changing world. Web Literacies and their associated skills are fun to teach, and we'd like to make it easy for you by helping you use and create resources and by leveling up your own skills.

If you're looking for ideas on working Webmaking into your classes or organizations, check out the Webmaking Resources. And if you have ideas or resources that you use, please feel empowered to add them!

Teach Webmaking

The web can be worked into anything, and we can show you how. Please, get in touch!

We would like to:

  • inspire you, this is fun to teach!
  • make it easy for you to teach
  • help you learn more skills
  • provide relevant tools, curriculum, etc.
  • help you hack our content to fit with your own learning objectives
  • hear about your successes and facilitate a culture of sharing!

Join the Webmaker community call or email laura — at — mozillafoundation — org with questions, suggestions, or hacks!

Tell us your thoughts!

Add in your reflections here!