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(because goals are awesome! huzzah!)

  1. Communicate Brand Positioning
  2. Promote Developer Awesomeness
  3. Establish Accessibility Excellence
  4. Create Ideation Process
  5. Measure User Experience
  6. Measure Brand Awareness
  7. Develop an Outstanding Mobile Experience
  8. Adapt to Rapid Product Release Cycles

Rough list of Q2 goals (will finalize with Web Team feedback):

Communicate Brand Positioning

Engagement Owner(s): John, Chrissie

WebDev Partner(s): Fred, James

One Mozilla, Rebranding Project - Team Wiki

Firefox Download Page Optimization Improve conversion on Firefox landing page by 2% with detailed plan for ongoing A/B testing & measurement

User testing & design research Measure & establish baseline of brand awareness on Firefox (US) Product Site & develop a detailed plan for testing & measurement that includes:

  • User testing/interview results from (as discussed with Blake this is more effective than running surveys given resources)
  • Eye tracking research/testing (Brian Krausz of Gazehawk Eye Tracking]
  • Implementing ongoing brand awareness survey on /fx (first run page) (Bug 660996 - delayed until Q3 due to Metrics resources)

Promote Developer Awesomeness

Engagement Owner(s): Laura

WebDev Partner(s): James, Raymond

  • 3 mini HTML5 projects (404 error page, Snippets(Bug 666012), and Firefox-focused landing page*)
  • Producing automated tests
  • Git transition (James)
    • Work with localizers to warn them of switch
    • Work with IT on switching live site to git
    • Use Git & GitHub (more on infrastructure)
  • Dynamic content project(s) (James)
    • Leveraging Playdoh where appropriate to reduce engagement team's dependency on webdev for making copy changes
    • List of pages Engagement would like to edit on a ongoing basis

  • Chrissie = owner

Establish Search Excellence & Standards Compliance

Engagement Owner(s): Chrissie & Laura

WebDev Partner(s): SilverOrange

  • Create XML sitemap for search engines & institute a regular & automated update schedule
  • Implement SEO/tag strategy, to incrase organic search traiffic by 5%, including:
    • 404 page to assist with & improve lost lead user experiences
    • Strategic title tags
    • Strategic meta descriptions
    • Wiki


  • New 404 Page [Bug 640688& Bug 661546]
  • Update "Mobile" pages:[ Bug 642432]
  • Update H1, H2, H3 tags/copy: [Bug 663925]
  • Update title tags and meta descriptions [Bug 657387]

Note: All of the above will be part of a checklist of excellence.

Measure User Experience

Engagement Owner(s): Chrissie & Laura

WebDev Partner(s): TBD

  • Establish creative/ideation process that leads as a companion partner into webdev process (Chrissie)
    • Conduct design & user research (eye tracking, user testing, brand awareness) for existing & new projects
  • Centralize a web metrics dashboard for reporting on user engagement success (Bug 664294)
    • Improve user (Mozilla team member) experience around understanding, interpreting, and accessing analytics (details)

Develop Outstanding Mobile Experience

Engagement Owner(s): Chrissie, Laura

WebDev Partner(s): Jason Grlicky, James Long

Develop a concise mobile experience around content for the Firefox product site (

  • Conduct user & design research phase & produce discovery & recommendations brief (includes a survey & report of what mobile users are looking for when they come to the website - e.g. they may not be looking for a mobile download) [Bug 656453]
  • Conduct a content inventory/audit of all mobile content (what content exists that is only available for /m users - why do we have that content, can that content be replaced with a single content experience that works for desktop & mobile users, which would reduce overall content maintenance)
  • Streamline entire content experience across Firefox product site ( to produce a single content experience that works for both desktop & mobile users (eliminating redundant, long-winded, vague, and puff copy). Create best-practices for content creation for Firefox product site that ensures prevailing copy creates an awesome experience for mobile users)
  • Establish creative/ideation process as a companion into the new webdev process
    • Link to creative process
  • Increase conversion to download for mobile clients
    • Support FX5 mobile release project(s) [Bug ]
    • Make mobile more actionable[Bug 659451]
    • Learn more about the Android app store experience/process & identify areas for improvement

Adapt to Rapid Product Release Cycles

Engagement Owner(s): Laura & Chrissie

WebDev Partner(s): James Long & Steven Garrity (silverorange)

  • Successfully launch FX5 desktop & mobile on the website on time
  • Successfully launch Rapid Release site changes on [Bugs]

Team Onsite (Results)

A 3-day working onsite in Mountain View to gather as a team and tackle projects and planning.

Notes on our sessions can be found here.