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Video for today's meeting

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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Speaker Location: Mountain View

jdm nominates Andrew Quartey (drexler), a new contributor who has been active in a wide variety of bugs and submitting a flurry of patches to fix them all.

Upcoming Events

Speaker Location: Mountain View

This Week

Monday, 5 December

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery - brownbag presentation by Frederik Braun, 12PM Noon PST
  • The Webtools team is in Mountain View/San Francisco

Tuesday, 6 December

  • Should Privacy Survive? - brownbag presentation by Dr. John Guelke, 12PM Noon PST
  • Mobile Testdrivers Program - brownbag presentation by Alex Keybl, 1:30PM PST (moved to Friday)
  • The Webtools team is in Mountain View/San Francisco

Wednesday, 7 December

  • ZURB Design and rapid multi-platform prototyping - brownbag presentation by Jonathan Smiley and Matt Kelley, 12PM Noon PST
  • The Webtools team is in Mountain View/San Francisco

Thursday, 8 December

  • WebFWD Update - brownbag presentation by Pascal Finette & Diane Bisgeier, 12PM Noon PST
  • How WebQA responds to, plans for, and executes on, new projects - Stephen Donner, 1:30PM PST
  • The Webtools team is in Mountain View/San Francisco

Friday, 9 December

  • WebGL Camp #4 - 10Forward - 8:30-5:00. Registration required. Mozillians, contact Havi (havi at mozilla dot com) for more info. [1]. Talks livestreamed on Air Mozilla.
  • Knowing Where One's Towel Is (The Neurobiology of Decision Making) - brownbag presentation by Curtis Koenig, 12PM Noon PST
  • Mobile Testdrivers Program - brownbag presentation by Alex Keybl, 1:30PM PST
  • The Webtools team is in Mountain View/San Francisco

Next Week

Product Status Updates


Speaker Location: Toronto

  • 2 weeks to migration day!
  • Major update prompt to invite 3.6 users to (pleasepleaseprettyplease) migrate to 8.0 went out late last week, should have early numbers this week on its effect
  • Firefox 8.0.1 post-mortem occurred on 12/2. Topics of discussion included add-on blocklisting, system restore runtime failure mitigation, and better tracking of pre-release 3rd party software.

Mobile Firefox

'Speaker Location:


Speaker Location: bwinton - Toronto

  • Wednesday 7th December is the 7th Anniversary of Thunderbird 1.0.
  • Daily builds now have default to compatible turned on for add-ons.

Older Branch Work

Speaker Location:


Speaker Location: No voice update this week. Presentation from Mark Surman to follow.


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Presenter Topic Media More Details Location
Michael Coates Reporting Lost Devices or Safety Concerns https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/form.employee.incident IT Section on Intranet San Francisco
Jason Haas The Mozilla Student Reps Program is back! Preso slides-PDF A brief overview of the program: where it's been, where it is now, and where it's going. San Francisco
James Long Moving mozilla.org to Python https://github.com/mozilla/bedrock Mozilla.com/Bedrock Mountain View
Mark Surman End-of-year Fundraising Campaign Video www.mozilla.org/story Mountain View

Status Updates By Team






Release Engineering


Desktop Firefox
  • Fx 3.6.x - 8.0.1 Major Update, tested and shipped
  • Fx9 beta 4, tested and shipped
  • Web compatibility run started (tests for compatibility issues)
  • add-on, configuration compatibility test run starts (this week)
  • graphics blocklisting (with refactored code on try-builds) starts this week
  • BrowserID workweek this week, also targeting test completion of Stage before going to prod this week thursday
  • Production Deployment Plan
Open Web Apps
  • First Open Web Apps last Friday
    • Feel Good Info:
      • We tested across multiple revisions of the extension / soup app
      • We continuously pushed changes to myapps.mozillalabs
      • We fixed / verified bugs across Windows / Linux / Mac OS X
    • Stats:
      • 32 filed / modified bugs
      • 18 Commits https://github.com/mozilla/openwebapps/
      • 4 Commits to Soup
      • At times over 60 people in #testday
      • 6-7 Contributors from Indonesia showed up at midnight (mdabbagh was online and managed to steer them in the right direction)
QA Community
Automation Services
  • Selenium 2.14 released

Automation & Tools

  • First run of b2g automation completed:
    • Build
    • Published build
    • Downloaded build on test machine
    • Installed build on emulator
    • Run Test
    • Published Results
    • The results will soon be appearing on autolog. Stay tuned.
  • BugHunter is now tracking assertion messages both encountered during its test runs as well as our crash reproduction system.
  • Peptest user responsiveness test harness landed in m-c.
    • Wrote some tests to show off how it works
    • Makefile target should land either today or tomorrow. Should be added as an option to try builds later this week or early next.
  • More notes are here


Date / Time Item
Mon Dec 05 / 13:00 PST Silent Updates (cont. discussions)
Wed Dec 07 / 13:00 PST AVAILABLE
Thu Dec 08 / 10:00 PST AVAILABLE
Fri Dec 09 / 10:00 PST Page Inspector / Highlighter

Calendar and Meeting details

General Meeting Details
* IRC Channel: #security
* Etherpad: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/secreview
* Dial-in Info:
** In office or soft phone: extension 92
** US/INTL: 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 then extension 92
** Toronto: 416-848-3114 then extension 92
** Toll-free: 800-707-2533 then password 369
** Conference num 624




Creative Team

Community Marketing






Developer Tools




Introducing New Hires

New Hire Introduced by Speaker location Will be working on
New person's name here Who will be introducing that person? From which office will that introduction be transmitted? What will the new person be working on?
Craig Cook Fred Wenzel Mountain View Frontend Web Development on the Rapid Development team
Alexis Metaireau Mike Connor Paris, France Software Engineer, Web Services
Tanvi Vyas Lucas Adamski Mountain View Security Researcher

Foundation Updates