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Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka) Testplan

Firefox 3.6, code named "Namoroka", will be the next major release of Firefox scheduled to be release, tentatively, sometime this fall. So far no major UI changes are planned for this release, and the more significant changes will happen in back-end components. In addition we will have performance improvements and existing feature improvements.

Milestone Test Results

New in 3.6 (in flux)

  • Compositor Phase - roc
  • Focus Rewrite - Enn
  • Interruptible Reflow - bz
  • Content Sink Refactoring - Jonas (replaced with HTML 5 parser in future version)
  • Ts Improvements - dietrich
  • Firefox WinCE - vlad
  • DLL Blocklisting / Module Whitelisting
  • Asynchronous Location Bar - sdwilsh
  • Aero Peek - robarnold
  • Form Awesomecomplete - MattN, dolske
  • System Extension Notification - Mossop
  • Plugin Update Referrals - Mossop
  • Multitouch Polish - felipe
  • Performance Perception - faaborg (needs definition)
  • Per Tab Network Prioritization - zpao
  • Personas Uplift - dao
  • about:support - cbartley
  • Existing feature improvements

Requirements and QA Planning

Most of the work for 3.6 is being done in the form of sprints. You will find links to the features documentation here:

We will hold testplan brainstorming and review sessions with the acting developers. Ideally, the developer will explain the feature to a small group of QA people, and we'll have a chance to brainstorm test cases afterwards. If you own a feature, make sure to schedule a session with the developer; make it public to engage community members who might be interested in participating.

Feature Test Plans and Status

Platform Components:

Feature Test Plan Specs Tracking Bug(s) QA Dev Completion
Compositor Phase 1 Specs
bug 374980 Martijn roc Dev: partly done
QA: % ?
Focus Rewrite Specs bug 178324 Heather Enn Dev: complete with some regression fixes
QA: 90%
Interruptible Reflow No Sprint bug 67752 Jonathan bz Dev: feature complete but with some regressions
QA: 80%
Ts Improvements Sprint Tracking bugs (No owner needed, relEng) dietrich Dev: incomplete, complete, regression fixes, ?
QA: % ?
Firefox WinCE No Sprint Open
tchung, marcia vlad Dev: incomplete, complete, regression fixes, ?
QA: % ?
JS ctypes Specs bug 513783 QA? Dan Witte Dev: complete
QA: 0%
DLL Blocklisting Specs bug 524904, bug 519357 tchung, hskupin vlad, bsmedberg Dev: in-progress
QA: 0%

Firefox Features:

Feature Test Plan Specs Tracking Bug(s) QA Dev Status
Asynchronous Location Bar Sprint bug 455555 tracy, ashughes sdwilsh Dev: regression fixing
QA: complete
Aero Peek No sprint bug 474056, bug 501490 qa1, ashughes, volunteer robarnold Dev: complete
QA: 0%
Form Awesomecomlete Sprint bug 370117, bug 446247 tracy MattN Dev: complete - polishing
QA: 95% - just 2 Litmus test cases left
Plugin Update Referrals Sprint bug 514327 tchung, qa2, volunteer Mossop, bcmcbride Dev: complete
QA: 100%
Multitouch Polish Sprint bug 488715 marcia, juanb, volunteer felipe Dev: complete, enhancements considered
QA: 20% ?
Performance Perception Sprint bug 513817 Henrik, marcia, volunteer faaborg Dev: incomplete, complete, regression fixes, ?
QA: % ?
Personas Uplift Exploration Sprint
blog 2
bug 511104, bug 511107, bug 511108, bug 511771, bug 510909, bug 518468, bug 516013 tchung, juanb, volunteer dao Dev: complete
QA: 95%
about:support Sprint bug 367596 marcia, volunteer cbartley Dev: incomplete (needs 1.9.2 landing)
QA: 0%
Per Tab Network Prioritization
(Phase I)
Sprint Doc bug 514490 hskupin, volunteer zpao Dev: in-progress (post b1)
QA: 0%

Existing Feature and Performance Improvements

We'll track these feature improvements here. Several existing features have undergone improvements, such as "new tab to the right", and therefore do not require a test plan in itself.


  • The accessibility changes mostly pertain to APIs which are being tested on Tinderbox. Most changes in 1.9.2/Firefox 3.6 pertain to table exposure to screen readers. Some of the changes users will see are:
    • Table rows are now announced.
    • Screen readers can get to header information more accurately by using RELATION_DESCRIBED_BY. These need to be implemented on the assistive technology side.
  • Manual testing is being done on a dog-fooding basis and by specifically testing and verifying test cases attached to/linked to from bugs.


We'll track any l10n changes here. Any new locales, in beta, official? Any fewer locales? String changes tested?

Add-Ons / Plugins Compatibility

Make sure common add-ons and plugins work properly with 3.6, for example Flash and Silverlight.

Websites for 3.6

The plan for new content for websites related to 3.6 can be found in the Firefox 3.6 website plan.

Reference and TODOs