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Goals Progress

Below are our top level goals. Beneath each goal, note any progress made towards that goal this week.

  • Goal: Continue to deliver B2G automation support for in house developers and partners - jgriffin & team
  • Goal: Create new Performance measurement tool with performance team to measure startup using the best of our new tools - mozharness/mozbase/datazilla. - jmaher & perf team
  • Goal: Support next generation android efforts by getting Android x86 virtualized environments to run mochitests - bc
  • Goal: Improve test slave capacity by allowing linux desktop tests to be entirely virtualized for tests that do not need hardware support. - jmaher & Releng
  • Goal: Build to support future capacity for workflow and performance by:
    • Deploying Bugzilla 4.2 - dkl, glob
    • Publicizing and starting on an effort to revamp TBPL - jeads, edmorley & team
    • Updating test harnesses to use mozbase and mozharness and creating a migration plan for moving to better test reporting across the board (migration planned for Q2 to coincide with TBPL v2 delivery) - jhammel & ahal
    • Revamp GoFaster measurement tools - camd
    • Create plan for triage workflow and begin triaging according to it - lizzard
    • Make all QA centered automation ready for rapid betas to allow the desktop team to work faster - Henrik & team


This is a place for people to put announcements or to describe activities that they'd like to highlight. It's not the responsibility of the MC to find things to put here.


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  • New Meeting format

In-Depth Project Discussion

Pick one project/presenter per week who will give a detail presentation on their project.

Upcoming Events

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Round Table

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The Overview

Progress, notes, problems, and other statuses about current projects. Add any new projects to this template!

Mobile (1st Monday)

AutoPhone/Noah's Ark

B2G Automation

Mobile Evangelism Site-Scraping Tool

Android Automation

Tools (2nd Monday)




  • [camd] Most of the way there.
  • [camd] get the graph details showing from elastic search. still not loading properly
  • [camd] need releng to implement my patch for expanding details of tests




War on Orange

  • OrangeFactor on trunk for last 7 days: [Unavailable, due to the loss of the last 3 months worth of ES data & no sign if there is any backup. The latest response asked if we were sure the data was there in there in the first place...]
  • [edmorley] Planning/network flows/testing for the switch-over to the SCL3 IT Elastic Search instance from the metrics ES cluster (bug 772503 and dependants). Need SCL3 VPN access to proceed any further (bug 849161).
  • [edmorley] Another periodic mass-closure of inactive intermittent-failure bugs (>3 months since last change + test not disabled). Tedious due to bug 848700.
  • [edmorley] Reviewed bug 847421.
  • [RyanVM] Working on an OrangeFactor weekly summary for the weekly platform meeting. WIP - Feedback?

TBPL Version 2 (Treeherder)

  • [jeads,mdoglio,edmorley] Discussion/review comments on various pull requests. We now have code in the repo! \o/

Performance (3rd Monday)

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

  • [jeads] Built a url based history to replace the "Get Link" option in the b2g performance UI. This took longer than anticipated but the solution should be applicable to treeherder (bug 847174)
  • [jeads] Added a few HTML5 goodies in the b2g performance UI (bug 847361)
  • [jeads] Disabled the pushlog panel in the talos UI due to excessive database load. The pushlog join will need to be stored in a cash to resolve this problem.
  • [jeads] Set up Cross-Origin Resource Sharing for datazilla
  • [jeads] These new features/changes will be released to staging today

Signal From Noise




General Framework Support (4th Monday)


WebRTC Test Development

  • The refactoring of the PC test framework has been finally landed (bug 837458)

Process (4th Monday)

Sheriffing & Trees

  • [edmorley] After several discussions about the unhiding of test-suites/platforms in the last week or two (eg jetpack-sdk + ASan), I drafted a policy intended for the wiki, to codify current practice & hopefully reduce future pushback. Am running latest iteration past RyanVM & philor & will publish more widely in the coming week.
  • [edmorley] Patch for trychooser to support the new multi-part robocop (bug 848708).
  • [edmorley] Patches to remove spurious log output from jsreftests, so we can avoid false positives when deploy a TBPL parsing improvement (bug 849239 & bug 829684).
  • [edmorley] First pass at expanding the directory list for avoiding unnecessary builds (bug 849385), in response to infra load issues.
  • [edmorley, RyanVM, ctalbert] Meeting with joduinn about ideas for reducing infra load after the issues this week (etherpad notes).
  • [RyanVM] Day to day sheriffing and branch uplifts.



Holidays and Trips

  • [edmorley] PTO today and tomorrow: 11th-12th March (no wifi access).
  • [hskupin] PTO 15th - 22nd March (mostly not available)
  • [lizzard] At PyCon all of Friday.


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